Guys, the rules governing our friendships are non-negotiable. OK? Shirts, however, are still optional, APPARENTLY.

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  1. I’m pretty sure that even posting this video is violating the part of the guy code that clearly states “don’t be gross.”

  2. Is this supposed to be one of those situations where like you think a girl is pretty and you’re like “Man, could this girl be the best girl ever?” and then you see that her ex is this guy and you’re like, “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS GIRL?”

  3. This is going to be first in a series! We’re going to learn so much!

  4. And now you know which house that neighborhood’s parents tell their kids to avoid on Halloween.

  5. I have a feeling that I would not be interested in any over your EXs.

    Guy Code accomplished.

  6. Obviously girls are trying to crawl down his pants. He is a celebrity.

  7. Guys, I’m worried about Gary Oldman in “Tiptoes.”

  8. Guy Code #149: Netflix is for Chicks, Redbox is for Jocks

  9. thanks for today’s Where Are They Now?: StarWars Edition.

  10. That’s Your Guy Friend.

  11. Maybe that guy’s friend used to date shirts so now he doesn’t wear shirts because that violates the guy code???

  12. The first rule of guy code? Decent furniture is for girls.

  13. “I mean, your friendship is far more, or should be far more important, than. What you’re thinking about. Doing. You know. It, will, if you, get into a relationship you’re going to have to bring that person back into the circle, where that ex friend of, that ex of hers is, your friend. And that’s going to get things very, very awkward.”

    And this guy definitely knows from very, very awkward.

  14. Not only does he look like my high school journalism teacher, but my grandmother had that same couch when I was growing up. COINCIDENCE?!

  15. “well, you’ve got the oatmeal and diabeetus advice market cornered. i cover the Guy Code.”
    – wilford brimley jr.

  16. Fuck. Where was this advice two days ago?

  17. So this is the guy who writes Manswers.

  18. Neil Patrick Harris, what have you WROUGHT?

      • Hey this is one of my best friends and im just gonna say that I was feeling really down today and happened upon this and I FUCKING DIED LAUGHING!
        So spot on SO SPOT ON!
        I love my buddy but you hit that shit on the Head!
        Thomas Kincade-esque couch LMFAO!
        OH Thank You so much i was really feeling shitty but I laughed so hard at this I forgot all the bad stuff!

        • I’m glad you were able to find humor in that.

          • YES YES I did Alvin,Quit be a fuckin baby and tryin to cover up for your EPIC FAIL at trying to be the Guy Code Aficianado!
            Love ya bro but I’ve already caught you in a lie because I know your embarassed by the response,i know you thought it would be recieved alot differently!
            Im only trolling you on here because I’ve seen this comin for a while and haven’t laughed this hard in a while!
            Still your bro!

          • and it is FUCKING HILARIOUS dont act your a Aficinado on humor now too!

  19. Lets all take a nice Jon Hamm shower

  20. Didn’t forget about you either fellas’

  21. I like how he shows his alpha male dominance over us, lowlier men, by instructing us to turn off our phone right after he checks his spam text.

    • It was an example of what not to do. If you couldn’t get that you might need to go back to elementary school my friend and learn the basics all over again. I am NOT going to explain everything. Sheesh. That was pretty obvious AND I even stated it too… GOOD JOB LISTENING.

      • code alone is bogus i’ve NEVER heard ANYONE come up with shit like that,unless your on a date!
        So unless your dating some of your guy friends behind your wifes back buddy you’ve got your codes mixed lmfao!

  22. OK, that couch. It has to violate some code or other. Taste code? Sanitation code?

  23. Nice to see he takes his decorating tips from the Jaycee Dugard Primetime Live special.

  24. Guy code?! More like …

  25. Pro tip: Before telling people you’re married make sure to put on a wedding ring.

    • Pro tip : Mind your own business. You do not know exactly what is going on in another person’s life so you cannot judge them or tell them something like this. We are between ring sets right now, and we do not feel like spending money on a set we do not like. We’ll be married for 8 years come September and we’re just fine together as we are. We do not HAVE to bend to all of society’s expectations. Remember.. you NEVER know the full story if you’re not the people you’re questioning.
      Sorry if I came of harsh with “mind your own busines” but you do not know me.

  26. I like that the song “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan came up as a related video at the end.

  27. redbox is obviously his BEST friend

  28. That couch reminds me of Bon Iver’s new album cover. I’d post a picture but I dunno how.

  29. Classic slipoka

  30. You can’t even see the turtle’s wheel in this shot.

  31. u r sexy but ur bitch

  32. Okay, I am BETWEEN rings.. that is all about that..
    This is me… I’m fine with who I am because Youtube vids are an act.
    I enjoy making crazy videos, thats it.
    there are a total of 10 of these, 5 are completed and up.

    I am shirted in all the rest of them, sorry gals.
    I’m taken.

    I am a happy guy, I love to have fun. I do not care if people think what they want, I know who I am
    and thats all that matters. Before judging, please view the REST of my RIDICULOUS videos at slipoka on Youtube.

  33. Alvin you were completely serious in these videos dont lie,to make up for the onslaught of comedy wrought from your foolishness LMFAO!

  34. Im the worst friend ever,but it feels good when you can laugh about it!

  35. The THINGS I said WERE serious…. yes.. but the whole video itself was HAVING FUN and being weird with it… You do not know enough about why I do these things yet, my friend. So you are mistaken if you think I was completely serious in all matters.
    I know that ANY video I make has a CHANCE of getting noticed.. so I stand behind them all and make NO apologies for them. If I explain things are a certain way, then take that as it is, because I would know, I did it myself.

  36. Guys, I’m worried about Alvin and Steve’s bromance.

    • I like Alvin. The world could use more Alvin. And videogum could use more people discovering their videos are being posted and discussed at length here. I’m looking at you Copper Cab and Daniel Songer.

  37. Look atcha gettin defensive Alvin lmfao…you know you were serious,i’ve known your goofy ass for a decade now and everyone of our friends knows you were tryin to be Mr.Informative and serious!
    So dont play like i dont know you dude!Like i said your just mad that this shit brought on some self awareness that you really cant be takin serious when you present your self like a potential copycat to the Jaycee Duggard Abducter!

    I love ya brotha,and our bromance goes on lmfao(Nice Godsauce)just learn to reap what you sew!

    • Hey Steve, quit ripping on Alan so much! Sure Alvin’s video is a little ridiculous, but at the end of the day, there is some semblance of a code for how friendships should be conducted, and ripping on him on the internet while he’s trying to clear his name violates that code for sure! Stop being a shitty friend and/or if you really like seeing him uncomfortable so much own up to it and don’t call yourself his buddy.

      With that said, Hey Alan! Sorry this got picked up by videogum and they are dissing you, sorta, that is not fun I bet. I hope you can take it in stride and realize there is nothing personal in all the commentators jokes, we don’t know you and I’m sure you are a basically good guy, we are just having fun with the video. Anyways, it was nice of you to pop in here and interact with us, have a good one bud.

      • As soon as I see Alan i’ll apologize,till then my buddy Alvin should know its all in fun cause all my buddies laugh at each other with our Fuck ups!
        We’re always breakin balls in our group of friends its just how joke around!
        Alvins goofy ass is always postin some retarded shit for people to see,this was bound to happen!
        The fuck knows he’s my brother and I’ve proven it to him time and time again lookin out for him this is just fuckin around,but im sure it looks worse and thats my intent lol!
        So if you read this Alan im sorry if your taking me wrong and please tell Alvin the same!LMFAO!

    • thanks Ben! my name is actually Alvin, you got it right a few times so THATS okay.. I appreciate your nice words as these meanies bash me something awful! But if they like me without a shirt so much they should be nicer to me instead! I am NO pedophile by ANY means, and I HAPPEN to just like nice couches! Thanks again dude!

    if yall love my guy codes, enjoy me getting caught doing something baad!

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