With great powers comes pretty good teaser trailer!

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  1. More like with great power comes great hair.

  2. How many people did U2 have to kill for this movie to get made? Must have been a pretty bloody Sunday.

  3. How’s the trailer pie Gabe Franco? Pretty good

  4. This is gonna be soooo great, you guys. We’re finally gonna get a movie that explains Spiderman’s origins.

  5. Heyy-y-y-y! I had a thought earlier that I wanted to write a comment about, but decided I would need some sort of nerd-y, comic book-y blog post in order for me to do so, not wanting to post something absolutely off-topic. I ruled out that a post would manifest itself today, and my brain discarded the initial thought I have. So basically what I am saying is this comment is taking up space but has no substance and you’ve wasted your time by reading it, as I have wasted my time by writing it! Shoot!

    • I will redeem this comment by using it as an opportunity to let everybody know that I found a place to purchase kangaroo jerky. KANGAROO. JERKY.

    • *GASP!*

      I just remembered what I wanted to say!

      On last night’s broadcast of The Best Show on WFMU w/ Tom Scharpling (available as a podcast every Thursday) Captain America came up in a conversation, which prompted Tom to go off on the trailer for the film, specifically the part where Cap says, “I’m just a kid from Brooklyn.”

      Tom questioned whether or not Cap was actually from Brooklyn in the comic books, then launched into a funny bit where he concocted a Captain Williamsburg hipster superhero character.

      While Tom was pontificating I hopped on twitter and @replied him (@scharpling) that Captain America is from the Lower East Side of Manhattan, which is around where Jack Kirby was born and raised. About minute later Tom relayed the info of my tweet on the show, referring to me as ‘some guy on twitter just said…’

      Needless to say, I was super-stoked to contribute in some way (I won’t call in to the show for fear of being ‘Heave-Ho’d'), and the answer I provided helped him continue his rant, as it reinforced his initial gripe with the Captain America trailer.

      Later— after the show ended— I was curious to see if Marvel’s ‘Ultimate’ line of comic books’ Captain America was from Brooklyn. Turns out he is. But that’s an alternate version of the character that’s only ten+ years old. The ACTUAL character from 1941 was from the Lower East Side of Manhattan, which is who Tom was asking about. So technically I gave Tom the correct information about the character, but apparently the film adaptation decided to use the Ultimate Cap’s hometown.

      Anyway, the moral of the story is listen to The Best Show!

  6. Can’t wait for the Batman reboot.

  7. I can’t wait for the climactic scene where Dr. Octopus tricks Spider-Man out of his majority shareholdings with Facebook. The tension will hang in the air like a … well, a spider’s web, SORRY GUYS ABOUT THAT ONE

  8. With great power comes GET IN MY BED ANDREW!

  9. Seeing the first-person, running-around-rooftops spider-footage reminds me of the first-person free-running video game Mirror’s Edge. I’m sure that scene will be a thrill for the people who will spend the money for the 3-D glasses, but what it’s telling me is Mirror’s Edge would be even more fun if it was in 3-D.

  10. Did no one tell them that teaser trailers are actually not two and a half minutes but usually more like 30 seconds?

    Also, with great power comes I wish Martin Sheen was in the whole movie (spoiler alert, he’s not). Actually, I just wish they’d make a movie about Spiderman as a divorced old man, played by Martin Sheen

  11. Sorry, but this trailer is slowly making me lose interest in this film. I think the silent/rebel/outcast Peter Parker could be a bad interpretation. I could be totally wrong. It might be great. It’s just that this trailer isn’t getting me excited.

  12. This trailer is so drastically somber it nearly put me to sleep. Maybe it’s that I can’t really process this franchise seeing a reboot when the first three films feel so fresh in my mind (the last one came out in 2007 for Christ’s sake!) but this just feels so … pointless. So utterly pointless. Neat parkour sequence at the end though. They should call him Peter Parkour because WOOSH, ZIPLINE, parkour am I right?

  13. Teaser trailer? I thought that was when they didn’t reveal, you know, the *plot* of the movie.

  14. You know what’s cooler than a million dollars?


  15. As a nerd, I am really happy (maybe overly so) that he appears to have web shooters instead of having the webbing shoot out of his wrist holes.

  16. Emma Stone, Emma Stone,
    She’s in a league of her own
    Tackles roles of any size
    A hypnotic, gorgeous doe-eyed
    Knock Out!
    Here comes Emma Stone

    Is she a snob?
    Are you mad?
    She’s got soul and she’s Superbad
    Down to earth, level-head
    Naturally blonde but I prefer it red
    Hey, now!
    There goes Emma Stone

    Zombieland, House Bunny
    The Rocker, Easy A
    Friends with Benefits
    Lucky Louie (CK)

    Emma Stone, Emma Stone
    Freckled and friendly, Emma Stone
    Can feign demure
    Sultry goof
    Her true allure

    Emma! Take my arms and lose ‘em
    My lips, I’ll never use them
    Why not take Olive Me. . .

    • Actually, for posterity, swap out “Friends with Benefits” with “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” They both have the same amount of syllables, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the latter is the better film with the better cast…

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