James Franco took a break from his busy schedule of earning all the degrees to participate in an art project called the Museum of Non-Visible Art. Basically, all the “art” is invisible and is just represented by those little museum/gallery title card things, which, sure, but also this “art” is for sale? Already that is ridiculous. And now someone BOUGHT it? Oh brother. And wait until you see what the art placard said:

A unique piece, only this one is for sale. The air you are purchasing is like buying an endless tank of oxygen. No matter where you are, you always have the ability to take a breath of the most delicious, clean-smelling air that the earth can produce. Every breath you take gives you endless peace and health. This artwork is something to carry with you if you own it. Because wherever you are, you can imagine yourself getting the most beautiful taste of air that is from the mountain tops or fields or from the ocean side; it is an endless supply.

OH YUCK. The worst part about this besides everything is that you know if anyone actually questioned/made fun of James Franco for this he would backpedal and claim that he was making fun of the art world the whole time, except that he isn’t, like, at all. If this is a joke about the art world then this is a joke about racism. Good jokes! These guys love it:

“Our dysentery is actually a post-ironic commentary ABOUT dysentery.”

Congratulations to James Franco on his continued success in wearing out the world’s goodwill towards him! (Via Animal New York.)

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  1. Who would buy a bunch of air?

    Oh yeah.

  2. I wanted to make an invisible comment but it said I have to say something so this is what I’m saying

  3. James Franco is Mr. Brainwash*

    *Go see Exit Through the Gift Shop. It’s on Netflix Instant. You love Netflix instant.

  4. don’t gif hate

  5. When did James Franco become more insufferable than Gwyneth?

  6. James Franco is like a meta emperors new clothes.

  7. ever so often i toy with the idea of getting an MFA, but then i remember how much i hate talking and thinking about art with 99% of the people who are also supposedly interested in talking and thinking about art, and then i get the sads and ignore art for a long time, and then i go to a show and see something that drives me completely insane with the inanity of it and then i feel guilty about how i stopped “making art” or whatever and then i go get a drink, usually, and seethe, and beat myself up over it all. and then i usually do something like send my friend who is currently getting his MFA in creative writing james franco’s published short story in esquire and that makes me laugh and laugh and feel better.

    • Well if your friend is getting an MFA in creative writing, he’s obviously not against paying $10,000 for absolutely nothing.

    • The good news is that you don’t actually need an MFA to make art! You can just make it, you know?

      • yes and no. mostly cuz my bfa is in photography, and i don’t shoot digital, i shoot medium format. and i don’t live in a city with a public darkroom. and i don’t have the space to build one. and on top of it, i shoot in color, and i don’t think it is possible to build a color darkroom. processors are maaaaad expensive. so. i try my best to do what i want to do, but it’s never just right and never what i want it to be, and then i get sad. i have nearly 100 negatives in a box on my shelf that i keep telling myself that i will somehow print someday. never get a degree in a dying medium! it’s a terrible idea!

        • I agree that it isn’t a guaranteed good thing, but my graduate work in music totally launched my career in a way that would have taken me much longer (if ever) on my own, so I can’t drink the haterade on this one.

          • Southernbitch, are there not any community colleges in your town? Or private high schools? Sometimes they’ll have a neglected little darkroom down in the back. I love art too, but my dreams of art school were destroyed by a C grade in high school art. and my teacher telling me I was shit.

            Now I have a PhD in Creative Writing. And walk dogs for a living. But I just finished my book, found an agent, and have a lot of vague hopes. So, a mixed bag? Art is fun, but there are awful people involved in it, just as in any field. That’s my contribution.

        • I am curious about what concessions you might be willing to give up in order to print your stuff. I mean, does it have to be you doing the printing so you can tweak the image, or is it , like, a sense of you being the creator throughout the entire process?

          I only ask because I work in a photo lab and there are a number of ways to get your stuff printed, some of them with limited outside interference. For example, you can scan your negatives on most home scanners, (or have them scanned by a lab), and then manipulate them in photoshop or whatever to get them the way you want. Then, as long as your monitor is calibrated, you can have a lab print your images and they should hopefully match your expectations. I realize that making your negatives into digital files somewhat defeats the purpose of shooting film in the first place, but it will make it much easier, and probably cheaper to get your stuff printed, certainly cheaper than buying a mini-lab or something like that.

          Unless you are doing black and white, I just don’t think it is practical to try and do everything yourself.

          • ha, i did my other comment before seeing this one re: what i’m trying to print. first off, i’m totally crap at photoshop. it’s my own fault- i basically cheesed my way through the one class on digital printing that i had to do. i’m not a computer person by any means, and i had serious, serious problems matching what i was trying to do in photoshop with what i was trying to print. i wasn’t trying to do anything fancy by any means- i’m a strong believer in the shot you take is the shot you have and manipulation isn’t really the answer to whatever problems you are having taking a correctly exposed photograph- but it was the calibrating and color balancing aspect that i couldn’t do. also, i like to print large, and paying to digitally print large images is ridiculously and prohibitively expensive. i think the lab here charges something like forty dollars for a 14×20 print. one print. also i personally think that digitally printed images are not as rich as cprints. so. once i reached that wall, i decided to switch to black and white because there was a darkroom here at one point, so i could control my own printing and be in a darkroom. but then they closed basically 2 months after i embarked on a ridiculous project. so i’m stuck with a series that i already feel like i compromised on to shoot in black and white and i can’t print it anyhow. SO! i just keep shooting and tell myself that im eventually going to have the time/resources to do something with these negatives that are piling up in my closet.

          • I just did a little googling and found Nations Photo Lab (not where I work), and it looks like they have 16×20′s for like 14 bucks, and until the end of this month they are half priced. I have never used them before, but it sounds like they are using Endura photo paper instead of inkjets for their large prints, so that is a plus. I don’t know if that is for digital images only or if you can mail your negatives to them, but it might be worth checking out.

            As far as calibration, some labs will rent out monitor calibration devices which will at least ensure that what you are seeing on your monitor is very close to the prints you get done.

            I wish I had more helpful advice because I do like to encourage photographers, and especially people who are still using film, but as you said it is a dying medium, so it is only getting more expensive.

        • there are private universities here with darkrooms, but they won’t let you use them unless you are a student, and i dont have the money to pay for even one class at these fancy pants schools in order to get in a darkroom. i seriously spent like 3 months trying to hustle my way into one, but it didn’t pan out. :/

  8. This unique piece on which you are bidding represents James Franco’s Marketable Skill Set. Unfortunately, it is far too massive to fit into this room, or any room, for that matter, and it is made out of invisible materials which are real and which you can read about in James Franco’s upcoming book, Francology: A Collection of 45,000 Individual Masters and Doctoral Theses by James Franco” written and published by Dr. James Franco, MD, JD, DMD, Esq.

  9. Mr. Brainwash=James Franco

  10. francogum.com

  11. As these non-visible works of art are bought, exchanged, and resold, they open our eyes to the unseen universe that exists at every moment, and we can share that universe. It is like finding the code beneath. We exchange ideas and dreams as currency in the New Economy.

    y’all, this is awesome news. james franco is here to invent the New Economy for us, one run completely on aspirational thinking. i wonder if this means that i can pay my rent in musings, or if my parents can pay off their credit debt with daydreams, or if this means that millions of millions of unemployed and epically fucked americans across this great land can come together and hope and wish our way to a greater prosperity for us all. or, actually, isn’t this exactly what enron did, and we all know what happened with that revolutionary way of creating a “new economy”.

  12. jamal francois

  13. Offensively stupid concept aside, I can’t get over how terribly written that placard is. That clearly took him less than twenty seconds to write. I hope whoever paid $10,000 for that piece of garbage will be forever tormented by the fact that James Franco used the word “endless” three times in as many sentences because he couldn’t be bothered to give it a second read-through.

    • With this placard, you get to experience the endless pleasures of James Franco’s vocabulary. With an endless fascination with his iPhone thesaurus app, Mr. Franco will always, endlessly, be available to provide you with the perfect word at the perfect time. James Franco’s vocabulary has endless uses, like greeting card messages or simple work emails.

    • My thoughts exactly. As I was reading it, I couldn’t stop thinking about how juvenile it sounded. Like a bad proposal some high school kid would come up with for their end of the year project in their Gov/Econ class. James Franco: your 5 thousand post graduate degrees in literature and writing have failed you. However, I’m sure your pretentiousness is serving you well at NYU.

    • He writes good.

  14. cesi n’est pas un bon tarte

  15. I saw this piece (of garbage?) and I considered buying it. I, eventually, went with “The Invisible Castle” from that My Two Dads episode. Good show, good reference, good purchase.

  16. Agh, this makes me so ir(?)rationally angry. What makes me angrier still: they’re apparently letting him direct an adaptation of “Blood Meridian.” Stop it, you monster! Will you not rest until you ruin everything good and decent?

  17. Blood Meridian? Oh FUCK NO! I will not allow this to happen. If I have to traverse America in search of James Franco, scalping innocents along the way, I will. This cannot stand.

  18. It pisses me off that famous people can become instant artists, and people are willing to buy anything they make (I’m using this word very loosely) just because they are celebrities. Congratulations, Mr. Franco! You are now even more ridiculous than Sylvester Stallone!

  19. I have this theory that James Franco takes ridiculous amounts of Adderall.

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