This is what I wake up to every morning. It is called GETTING PUMPED FOR A BRAND NEW DAY. You should try it! (You just tried it!) (How was it?) (Great, right?) (You’re so pumped!) (Some might say you are now TOO pumped!) (Thanks for the tip, Mike.)

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  1. This reminds me of childhood memories.

  2. I am disturbed by the high-pitched porno moaning throughout.

    That Chris Hansen gif can’t emerge quickly enough.

  3. It’s like having a blueberry muffin but only eating the blueberries, until you get really sick of blueberries.

  4. Something tells me this is exactly how GNR envisioned the song from the beginning.

  5. Where do we go now? That is the only appropriate quote from the original. Cos seriously, where do we go? Now.

  6. I suppose this question could be asked about any number of posts on this site, but I’m gonna go ahead and ask anyway.

    Why is there a video of this available to the public? I don’t entirely understand that guy’s motivation. It’s not impressive guitar playing, so he can’t be showing off. You might say that he shot the video so he could play it back and get an accurate idea of his progress as a player, but that doesn’t explain posting it online. Kids these days, I suppose.

    PS – that lady moaning in the background was pretty weird too, I guess

    • I’d say it’s there for the same reason that 75% of everything on Youtube is there: hopes of fame, or at the very least, infamy.

    • I think I understand the impetus to put random nonsense online and feel so fortunate that it wasn’t an option when I was a kid. But I can tell you, that in 1989 when I learned how to play Sweet Child O; Mine, I played it everywhere I went, every chance I got. I’m reasonably sure I recorded it on a 4-track at the time. And while I’m sure I was better than this kid, I would bet the farm that if the internet had existed there would be a video(s) of me showing the world that I could “play” Sweet Child O’ Mine. Mine would most certainly have lacked the weird moaning girl though. I didn’t make anybody moan playing Sweet Child O Mine except probably my mom. It was more of a whine. “Can you PLEASE turn that down?”

      • There are so many of these awful mutilations of a riff that (fun fact!) was originally played as a joke. If I were Slash, at this point in time I would take a hint from my name and head on down towards my wrists. You have brought pain into this world, Slash. Pain and audible suffering.

    • Youtube is all about coulda, not about shoulda.

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  8. Interupting my enjoyment of some Guns N Roses in the morning? Where does she get off?!


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  10. I don’t know how crazy you guys got at Mr. Coconuts last night, or what kind of stuff you guys were drinking, so maybe there’s an excuse, but I had a lot more respect for Ted Leo before this.

  11. OK what is with the moaning in the background? This isn’t Rocket Queen, geesh!

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