I guess it rained a lot on Montreal yesterday so a bunch of the sewers were exploding? I’m a journalist and what you just read was journalism, so get used to it and you’re welcome. But, to get back to the video, hahaha awww! What a terrible night that person had after they came back to their car! I bet they couldn’t even tell what happened, really. Like throwing a huge brick of ice through an enemy’s window on a hot summer’s day. “Who broke this window? Why is the floor wet?” “What happened to my car? Why am I standing in seven feet of sewage?” The best part of the video is when it is so bad, and then it kind of stops, but then it comes back SO MUCH WORSE! That is always the best joke. Good one, exploding sewer. You’re a real jerk but you’re funny and I like you for that. (Via Reddit.)

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  1. First time in the history of Montreal that a car has been rolled over and its not related to the Montreal Canadiens.

  2. Kelly, what you meant to say was, “This is your boyfriend: Exploding Sewer”

  3. “Man, you give Raphael a fire hose when he’s drunk, it starts off kind of funny, but then he just takes it too far.” — Donatello

  4. “Then we installed some sick hydraulics.” -Xzibit

  5. We’re Exploded Sewer and we’re a death metal band

  6. I think this sewer’s antics would fit very nicely onto Kelly’s list from yesterday of annoying things someone can do to you.

  7. “Is it safe to get closer to the recently exploded sewer water?”
    - your boyfriend

  8. I kinda feel bad for the owner of the jeep parked behind that car because the owner of the sedan is going to come back and be all “Zut alors! My automobile! What have you done?!?!? Poutain merde! Seperatiste!” and assume it’s the Jeep’s fault and take it out on them.

  9. And I thought I was having a shitty day!

  10. I knew when my Blastoise ran away, he’d cause trouble

  11. Holy Shit!

  12. Anybody else having issues with the site not displaying the ads in the right place? Anybody else getting HILARIOUS RESULTS from this? I guess Skynet has a sense of humor.

  13. I think the more important question is: How many enemies with wet carpets has Kelly had? #journalism

    note to self: don’t call Kelly Gabe.

  14. Car bidet. No extra charge.

  15. Best part about this is the ”Rate, Fav, subscribe!’ annotation. Yes, if you enjoy this video of sewage lifting a car be sure to not only give it a positive rating but also mark it as a favorite and subscribe to this YouTube user’s channel, which I can only assume is 652 videos of sewage and its ongoing relationship with the automobile industry. Sewage vs. Cars, I’m sure.

    But wait, why am I not told to leave a comment? I wanna leave a comment! ‘This car is hot but it’s a huge bitch.’ Something like that. Let me do that!

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  17. It’s a metaphor for how Canada foisted Celine Dion on America.

  18. “How do I differentiate my version of this video from other versions of this video? I know. I’ll use the same clever wordplay I used in coming up with my Youtube handle.” -ErectionCanada

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