By now you have probably already seen the above video, which really doesn’t show much and personally I like this photo much better but which features today’s News Corp. hacking investigation hearings being interrupted by a “comedian” who calls himself Jonnie Marbles (a name that does actually make me laugh, so) with a shaving cream pie (NEW KIND OF PIE!) to the face. Now, this is actually a kind of complicated situation. Like, on the one hand, sure, civil disobedience and pie and all of that. We are all nominally on board, I’m sure. But as Billy Bragg (Billy Bragg!) pointed out on Twitter (via @scharpling): “On the worst day in News Corp history Jonnie Marbles has given The Sun and Fox News the chance to make Rupert Murdoch look like the victim.” That is a fair point! He did not shove a pie in Rupert Murdoch’s face on the way out of a shareholder’s meeting. He interrupted an incredibly important high-level legal proceeding in which one of the most powerful billionaires in the world was being questioned about his role in one of the greatest scandals in the history of modern media. So, you know, maybe chill with the ANTICS. Oh well. Every generation has its Soy Bomb, I suppose. Now, we know what everyone in that room is thinking: “You better lawyer up, Johnny Marbles, because we are coming for everything. Which is mostly dirty laundry, leftover Chinese takeout, and an empty ferret cage, probably.” But WHAT IS THE PIE THINKING?!

Winner will receive a special mention IN THE FACE in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. YUMMM!

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  1. Throwing pies in peoples faces is such a hack premise.

  2. He should have Mur-ducked.

    Thank you! I’m here all week. Tip your servers.

  3. Stay tuned next week for When Shareholders Attack CEOs with Pies

  4. When asked to comment on the quality of said pie, Murdoch responded, “So good.”

  5. Johnny Marbles is actually Rupert Murdoch’s barber. Rupert walked out of the shop this morning with a scraggly patch of hair on his beard and Johnny, being the very thorough barber he is, chased him all the way down the road to make sure he finished the job.

  6. I thought Justin Timberlake already made him look like a victim when he purchased Myspace at a $545 million loss to News Corp. And then hit him in the face with a pie.

  7. “Bitch better not even try to slap me.” – pie.

  8. welcome to the jungle
    it gets worse here everyday
    you learn to live
    like an ANIMAL
    with fair and balanced pies, heeeeyyyyy

  9. Stop being so tart

  10. I didn’t know Twin Peaks is in England.

  11. This is the only case where the victim is richer than the pie.

  12. It’s just a viral campaign by superfans to get Pushing Daisies back on the air.

  13. In England they call Murdoch’s wife “Lorry.”

  14. I think we need to move grandpa into hospice, hes confused with the phone, he forgets to eat with silverwear, I just think it would be best for him.

  15. this is why he never lets O’Reilly do it live.

  16. “Let them eat shaving cream pie.” – Marie Antoinette

  17. While the phone hacking scandal is foremost in the news this week, this attack is surely a result of Murdoch’s firm stance as part of Team Cake.

  18. “whhhots awwlll thisss thhhen..”–That constable, in slow motion

  19. Murdoch got the pie, but the thrower looked a little crusty.

  20. Rupert Murdoch’s wife is VERY prepared to bitch slap someone trying to cream her husband’s face

  21. Worst part was that the fork was dirty.

  22. Guys. First rule of Pie Club is you do not talk about Pie Club.

  23. I wish this was a video of him being hit in the face with pi instead, so it would never have to end.

  24. Looks like it’s time someone took our friend Johnny Marbles into




  25. “It brought back the traumatic memories of my audition for the original “Three Stooges,” Murdoch said of the incident. “It still hurts that I didn’t get the part.”

  26. Rupert Murdoch Falls Victim to a Hack

  27. Former tabloid “News of the World” just got its last tasty scoop

  28. Signed to Rawkus? I’d rather be face-pied by Nazis unconscious.

  29. you’d think with all of that wire tapping he would have heard it coming.

  30. Slowly a sound started to build in Murdoch’s stomach. A strange and scary sound like a log-truck coming at you at a hundred miles an hour. Suddenly,Murdoch opened his mouth. And before parliamentary member Tom Watson knew it, he was covered with five pies worth of used blueberries. The women in the gallery screamed. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg took one look at Tom Watson and barfed on Sir Paul Stephenson. Sir Paul barfed on the minister of parliament that was sitting next to him. David Cameron barfed on his wife’s tits.

    But when the smell hit the galley, that’s when Murdoch’s plan really started to work. Lords barfed on Ladies. Kids barfed on their parents. Labour leader Ed Miliband barfed in his hat. Two reporters from the Guardian barfed on each other. And the head of MI-6 all over Charlie Beckett, director of the media institute Polis at the London School of Economics. And Murdoch just sat back and enjoyed what he created. A complete and total Barf-A-Rama.

  31. It’s obvious that pie has no journalistic integrity.

  32. Worst viral marketing ever, Gillette.

  33. if that pie were a pie chart for the kinds of news that News of the World covered, Murdoch got the “fucking bullshit” slice

  34. not a caption, but did anybody else notice the woman in pink totally smack the guy right in the face? maybe she momentarily forgot the pie wasn’t in HER hand?

  35. Catered dessert in the Wilson Room leaves no one satisfied.

  36. This was the closes Rupert Murdoch would ever get to being a sweet old man.

    • If you’re wondering, that typo was intentional in order to prevent anyone from checking my joke against the several thousand otherwise identical lame jokes posted on Twitter in the last 10 seconds.

  37. P.S. The Pie is thinking, “Strange how only now, faced with the immediacy of the moment of action, I question my commitment to the use of violence to achieve radical ends. Ah, well! PIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!”

  38. Rupert gets a taste of his own medicine.

  39. I guess when you’re a billionaire you can just hire some woman to fly out and smack your pie-attacker in the face.

  40. “Rupert Murdoch? This is embarrassing. I was hoping to pie your mom tonight instead.”

  41. Not a caption but….

  42. in all seriousness, marbles will be found dead by tomorrow morning. no one crosses rupe. NO ONE

  43. a taste of humble pie

  44. you call that a pie? THIS IS A PIE (post any picture of a better pie)

  45. The quick brown Fox jumps over the lazy stunt.

  46. “And that’s what you get for cancelling Arrested Development!”- This guy

  47. They’re cute when they’re little?

  48. These douche-on-douche hate crimes are tearing this city apart.

  49. Can someone do that Chris Hansen .gif thing, but only make it Mark Summers?


  50. When in court / Stay alert / Or you might get / Your just desserts / Burma Shave

  51. Cream pie – Harmless prank.
    Steak and kidney pie – Terrorism.

  52. After Jonnie Marbles took the shaving cream canister and pie tin out of the briefcase he smuggled into the hearing (how did he get in there?), he started preparing the pie, making sure to only spray shaving cream while Murdoch talked so no one would hear the loud SHHHHHHHH sound of an aerosol can.

    As he finished, the woman sitting next to him thought, “Well, I’m sure there’s a good reason for this. I have no knowledge how British government works. This might just mean we’re about to take a recess.”


    I tide fashion
    not expensive
    Free transport

  54. “Fuck you Rupert Murdoch! I’m a Pie!”

  55. “Yo, listen here Marbles. When you come at the King, you best not miss.”-Murdoch

  56. The logical next form of the liberal gotcha media.

  57. Man excitedly tries to feed Murdoch one of his famous pies. Pandemonium ensues.

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