• Check out all of these ADORABLE Harry Potter baby dolls. I promise you they are so so so so soooo cute. Just click on the link and look at them. Awwwww, they’re soo cuuuute and nooot scaaary! -io9
  • Here are a bunch of comedies that were adapted into TV shows that I had no idea about. I think I knew about maybe two of these. Also, I have a signed photo of the entire cast of the Clueless TV show. JEALOUS? (Yes you are very jealous.) (Also I have one of the cast of Moesha.) -Movieline
  • Check out how kind of weird this new clip from Rise of the Planet of the Apes looks. That isn’t a real ape at all! I want my money back! -FilmDrunk
  • Kristen Schaal on her date with Andrew Garfield. They pretty much could be married RIGHT NOW! It’s funny how the world works. Now I’ll have to marry him, I guess. Whatever. Since she didn’t, you know? He’s gotta marry somebody. -Splitsider
  • How do you guys feel about this ’90s Nickelodeon revival thing that is happening on Nickelodeon? Do you not care? I would rather not see any of it. I remember one time I watched Inspector Gadget as an almost-adult and it ruined the childhood memory of it. I never recovered! Oh yeah here is an article about it and about basically instant nostalgia. -NYTimes
  • Speaking of nostalgia, there is going to be a live-action Captain Planet movie I guess? Ugh. FIRE WATER WIND HEART UGH. -TheDailyWhat
  • The AV Club visits the Royal Tenenbaums house. Were any of you guys not a Tenenbaum for Halloween once? Just wondering. Anybody? Hello? -AV Club
  • I guess I’ve kind of painted myself into a Weston Cage doing karate for the paparazzi corner here. -The Superficial
  • The most interesting thing to me about this Jared Leto on a beach post is 30 SECONDS TO MARS: UNPLUGGED? Guys. Remember when Unplugged was so great? Remember how Nirvana’s second best album is Nirvana: Unplugged? What is happening to Unplugged? -Just Jared
  • Important Update: Betty White is NOT going to go to the Marine ball. Omgoodness. -Dlisted
  • Dakota and Elle Fanning talk about what it was like growing up “in the spotlight” in Vogue/are beautiful. -Celebuzz
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  1. Jesus Fucking Christ, Kelly, you just gave me a goddamn heart attack with those Harry Potter dolls.

  2. I recently saw an episode of JEM, the greatest show on TV to 8-year-old me, and it made me really sad. It was horrible! What was I thinking?

    • waitingforguffman, I like you, but I feel that I should challenge you to a duel for besmirching JEM’s reputation. Granted, I have not seen that show for probably 20ish years, but dammit! The JEM club sent me a birthday card, which is the strongest bond a human can have (obviously). I cannot but think of it as a transcendental experience of joy.

  3. I recently watched an episode of Inspector Gadget (I’ll get a job soon Ma, dont worry) and Penny’s Theme definitely brings the nostalgia.


  4. I hate nostalgia! Well more accurately I dislike the perception that everything sucks now and was awesome 20 years ago, we just choose to forget the terrible things from 20 years from now, and in 20 years we’ll watch The Social Network and not The Zookeeper or whatever

  5. I, for one, definitely was a Tenenbaum for Halloween once. I’d always wanted to be one.

  6. Two things I dislike, babies and Harry Potter. Why, why why, why? Who thinks this is a good idea?

  7. You know, I count anything that brings Pete and Pete back into my life as a positive thing.

    • A hundred upvotes for this. Show stands up.

      • I was afraid to watch Pete & Pete even after I bought the DVDs, thinking it wouldn’t stand up to my memories of it being my all-time favourite show. When I finally put that first episode on, I breathed a sigh of relief because it was not only as good as I remembered, it was even better.

        Why the hell isn’t the third season out on DVD? Who do I have to kill to make that happen!?

  8. Ahh! Real Nostalgia

  9. I would dress as a Tenenbaum if I wanted people to call me overrated and boring.

  10. I think Voldemort’s Mom was probably a heavy drinker.

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  12. This Captain Planet thing could work, IF the heroes are portrayed by the cast of Community. Put Chevy in a ginger wig, give McHale a turquoise mullet, and you can probably fill in the rest for yourself.

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