Well, OK, Stephen Colbert is probably not a joke thief, but he does make a joke at 0:48 in this clip that sounds very familiar and is a VERY GOOD JOKE!

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  1. I smiled so big when I saw this last night. I was like, “HEY! I’ve made that joke before! Cool!”

  2. In Soviet Russia, there are no joke thiefs because jokes belong to everyone!

  3. In Germany there are no joke theives, because there are no jokes.

  4. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  5. That reminds me, can we get recaps for Comedy Central’s newest show, The Madson Report?

  6. You know what? I would rather have someone straight up steal a joke than just retell unfunny jokes from a comedian, even if they are given proper credit. This comes from a conversation my co-worker is having RIGHT NOW, wherein she is rehashing several Jeff Dunham jokes. Except she pronounces it Jeff Done-Ham.

  7. I’m just excited about all the Sherlock Holmes jokes that will come out of this, though something of this scope really seems like it’d be more up Mycroft’s alley.

  8. “Well, OK, Stephen Colbert is probably not a joke thief”

    Um. He (or his writer, guess) stole your very specific joke. Yes they are.

  9. http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/wed-march-26-2003/death-to-smoochy (at 00:11)

    It’s just like that episode of “Studio 60″ where everyone freaked out because they thought Matt and Danny had stolen a joke, but it turned out that they’d actually owned the joke all along!

    No? Nobody? I’m the only one who watched “Studio 60″? OK, then.

    • “Whoa.” -Reanu Keeves

    • Yeah, I kind of think the lorry joke’s been around in a lot of different places for a long time. It’s okay because all of the people I’ve ever heard tell it have always been really funny, and it’s not the kind of joke that people probably spent years writing, editing and rewriting, like a Patton Oswalt bit or something.

    • I know EXACTLY what you mean! And then Simon apologized live on News 60, then had to take it back!

      Nvr 4get.

      • I just rewatched S60 on netflix and was reminded why I stopped watching about right after that episode. I wish Nate Corddry could be in a good show…

      • I watched that show too! Man, I’m so disappointed when shows that I watched are cancelled after/during the first season. It feels like I’ve wasted my time.

  10. This is even more surprising than when Jon Stewart stole my wallet!

  11. I steal Gabe’s jokes all the time.

  12. I’ve noticed this a lot lately, actually, that Videogum jokes seem to spread to Colbert and the Daily Show. I think some writers or interns are secretly Monsters….

    • i think thats true, ive heard stephen colbert say the “lorrie” joke a few times before, maybe COLBERT is a monster

      • Hi Steve! I think you’re funny, love your work… but I’m not donating to your PAC. I get the satire, but if I’m throwing my money away on weird ironic tv-based cleverness I’m going to finally buy that TARDIS cookie jar I’ve been eyeing. And I hate cookies! (Hence the irony.)

        • You hate cookies?!?! Well I love cookies. If you ever come across any cookies you don’t want, I will take them off your hands. I’m nice like that.

  13. Ok, I’ll be brave enough to admit I’m not getting this joke. “Lorry”? Like the truck? Is the truck transporting shit? Is the joke just making fun of people who mention this factoid about the British word for truck? It is noon and I am tired and my brain can not process why I’m not getting the obviously smart Colbert joke.

  14. Wait, wait, wait, wait. So “in England, they’re called ‘Lorries’” is just a joke? Holy crap! My reality is shattered!

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