It all ends. Right? Did it all end? As some of you may know, I do not watch the Harry Potter movies. SO SUE ME! I’ve seen the first four or five or so, but I realized during the last one that I watched, whichever one that was (Harry Potter and the Pizza of Darkness? Harry Potter and the Sensible Shoes?) that I just really do not like them very much. They seem expensive and boring, like trophy wives. They feel obligatory and perfunctory in the way that the U.S. Treasury has to print out money every year because otherwise the wheels fall off. It’s just not for me! That’s fine! They are certainly for enough other people that I am not worried about J.K. Rowling’s Scrooge McDuck Vault full of gold pound pieces running dry for the summer season. (She probably doesn’t even swim in it because she’s new money.) If you must know (and if I must repeat myself) I also have some problems with the books after the fifth one. I like the fourth and fifth books and that’s about it. Let’s move forward. It all ends, and me talking about which of the Harry Potter books I liked versus which of the Harry Potter books I did not like also ends. But, so, this movie: kind of a big deal! And since I’m sure there have been pervious Videogum Movie Clubs that some of YOU have decided not to go see even though we agreed we would like a real family, surely I can be excused from this one, and everyone can still e-gather around the old iCooler and talk about it. Accio comments! Hahhaha. Sharioso your opinonums!

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  1. This is the last one?!?!? A spoiler alert would have been nice, Gabe!


  3. Anybody else find it interesting that this movie shattered opening day midnight showing records set by one of the Twilight movies? I’m not sure what it says about movies, books, or audiences in general that people are most interested in seeing movies where they already know what is going to happen. I guess people don’t like surprises!

  4. Awww, I can’t believe it’s over! Awkward hugs for everyone!

  5. I liked it, but I thought the first half hour or so was a little weak. I think it would have been better if they had ended the previous one before they go to Malfoy Manor. This one was pretty unbalanced because at the beginning you have the Gringotts break-in, which is exciting and all, but then there’s the HUMONGOUS BATTLE OF HOGWARTS which is all epic and whatnot so by the time you’re halfway through the movie it’s like “Remember when they broke into Gringotts? Yeah, me either.” It would have been nice to have a couple of big plot points before the Hogwarts stuff to have a better buildup to it, rather than having everything get super epic all of a sudden.

  6. SNAPE. Snape.

  7. Love ya, Gabe, but was there ever any doubt? Like, was Gabe ever going to be into the Harry Potter books or movies? I’m still waiting for Gabe’s probing yet hilarious & insouciant takedown of ice cream or grandparents.

  8. Am I the only one who was really hoping at the end that they would somehow forget that the cheesy epilogue existed and wouldn’t include it? Because seeing Radcliffe and co. Benjamin Button’d was actually more terrible than I could have imagined.

    But other than that it was fun!

    • I went at midnight, and there was a massive groan from the audience when the epilogue started.

      I didn’t mind it in the book, but there was no way it would not be terrible in the movie.

      • Well, one way would’ve been to make them look… not awful. Flesh colored beards & sensible shoes & mom haircuts UGH. The ravages of time, I guess?

        Anyway, though, the epilogue was completely redeemed in that one moment where Hermoine steps aside & there’s her & Ron’s youngest son. Looking even redder & more awkward than I could’ve ever dreamed.

      • In my theater people just laughed instead of groaning. I had to repeatedly elbow my wife ’cause she was practically cackling at the now “old” (should 37 year olds look like they’re fucking decrepit, but still young? It’s creepy) heroes.

        • When the words “19 years later” appeared on the screen at my theater, the lady behind me said loudly to her friend “So they’re like 30 now?”

      • My theater was filled with “aww”. It was the worst sort of theater.

    • agreed. it just felt silly. also, albus severus is the worst name ever. ever.

    • Our theater erupted in laughter during the epilogue. They spared no expense on Goblin-related makeup work, but couldn’t hire a halfway decent makeup artist who specializes in Benjamin Buttoning? Like, somebody put their foot down about the cost associated with that after we just watched watched 2 1/2 hours of stuff that undoubtedly cost like 40 bertrillion dollars to create?

      • THANK you. I felt the same about Severus saying “you have your mother’s eyes” & then cut to Lily … with eyes as black as the night. Really? No color contacts in the budget, just to make that one moment less jarringly ridiculous?

        • I’m glad I’m not the only who noticed that. Somebody says that Harry has Lily’s eyes in every movie, at least twice in this one, and then they couldn’t cast a child with blue eyes? She had like one line, it’s not like they needed a prodigy!

        • YES! I loved that whole scene but was like, “No, Harry does not have his mother’s eyes if that is supposed to be his mother.” And doesn’t the adult woman who plays Lily have the prerequisite eye color? It was VERY confusing!

      • I thought the aging was ok! If people in my theater would have laughed, I’m afraid I would be in jail right now for punching someone in the throat!

        • Agreed! The makeup looked fine and the the packed midnight screening I was with did not laugh at all.

        • I disagree wholeheartedly. Ron/Harry/Draco just looked like nasty trollish womanly-hipped versions of themselves, while Hermione/Ginny looked just the same–except with expensive coats and Mom haircuts. Fail.

          The kids were cute though. Guess they got that part right.

    • UGH, the epilogue was terrrrrrriibbbbllleeeee; I personally went into the movie thinking that they would have different actors- you know, GROWN ADULTS- playing the older versions, which in my mind would have been just fine. But wow, none of them looked like they were pushing 40- they mainly just looked like they were pushing 14…. year-old, blind, first-time makeup artists out of their way as they were rushing in front of the camera after the director yelled action.

      That’s probably exactly what happened.

      • I’ve never heard an audience have more tentative jitters than when it said 19 years later. The midnight audience was unsure of how to feel at all!

        Also! I guess it’s fine that they named their kids after their parents but why did Ginny get like, no say at all? James, Lily, Albus. Nobody thought maybe she’d want to name a kid after her, I don’t know, dead brother? Also! It’s creepy to name your kids after both your parents because your parents were not siblings they were people who fucked. //name rant

        • Well, George named his son Fred in the book. So there was a Fred running around, causing trouble.

          I just wish Hermione would have run away with Neville because *wow*.

    • They all looked silly, but did they not put ANY makeup on emma watson at all? She didn’t even look jokey-old. She just looked 21.

    • Yeah, I loved how they just slapped a Mom wig on Ginny and called it a day.

  9. It was okay. The Snape flash-backs were particularly good, as was the Gringotts scene (and HBC’s rendition of Hermione trying to act like Bellatrix LeBatshit). But (and this is just one of those crazy things about turning a book into a movie) the book was a lot more complex. Duh, the movie was already a) split into two parts, and b) each part was longer than a normal movie anyways. But still . . . some of the complexity of emotion and . . . um, not to be uncool, but . . . moral message was flattened out and made really cheesy. Absolute power corrupts! Absolutely! Love is all you need! I’ll be with you forever, Harry! Where, mum? Right here! Right here in your heart!

    • Seconding that HBC did a great job playing Emma Watson in the Gringott’s scene!

    • The flattening out (perfect way of putting it, Kate Lechler from up-thread!) of the message of the story really disappointed me. I loved the movie up until King’s Cross. Even the cheesy epilogue makes sense when you have the conversation about why Harry is the true master of death. He loses his fear of death, forgives Dumbledore and even Voldemort for having death colour his life, and chooses to go on living. Forgiveness and living again after tragedy are powerful messages! I’m sad that the screenwriter just chose to ignore them when I think they’re the entire heart of the story.

      In conclusion, I’ve liked Harry Potter for 13 years so I have a lot of overlong opinions about it! I’m an adult, I do what I want, stop judging me!

  10. Cried too many times. Or not enough times. Still not sure.

  11. Albus Severus is an unfortunate name.

  12. What are you adults even talking about?

  13. IT WAS EFFING UNBELIEVABLE. SO GOOD. EXPECTO AMAZINGUM. Took off work Friday and drove 2 hours to see it in Imax 3-D. I give it a solid A–and Alan Rickman totes deserves some kind of acting award.

    The only thing I did not love that I WISH they would have changed, was *SPOILER ALERT* they left out the scene where Harry goes up to Dumbledore’s office after the battle and all the portraits stand up and cheer, and Dumbledore’s portrait is crying with pride. Also, he should have used the Elder Wand to repair his own wand, before breaking the Elder Wand in half and throwing it off a bridge (?!?!?!?!) You do not just break the Elder Wand and throw it off a bridge. Without this change from the book, i would have given it an A+. But overall, I feel it did not detract from the movie experience. I started crying when all the professors began casting their charms and spells and whatnot to protect the school, and didn’t really stop being misty-eyed for the remainder of the film.


    • I also did a lot of Maggie Smith-related crying.

    • This is also when I started crying. I was saving up a big cry for the walk through the forest with family ghosts in tow, but then they just stood around talking. That was my only disappointment. Lacking that shot. Oh, also, the epilogue, obviously. And that Harry didn’t die.

      • i always start crying at that point in the book! it didn’t have as much emotional weight in the movie, but i still started sniffling.

        also, i find it funny that they completely miscast james, lily, lupin, snape, and sirius. they were 21 when harry was a baby, yet they all look like they are in their late 40s. I actually blame rowling for this, I don’t think anyone should have kids at 20, even if they do end up vanquishing evil.

        • Seriously!! What kind of jacked up age magic happens at this Hogwarts when 22 year old parents look like they’re in their late 30s and actual late 30s parents look 21 with bad pancake makeup and mom shoes?

          That being said, I liked that Snape fellow more in the movies than in the books. I think it’s a testament to Alan Rickman’s acting AND that they left some of the ick elements of Snape’s fixation on Harry mom (oops, mum) out of the memories explaining why he’s the best ever. And even though I’ve read the books a few times, after watching Snape on screen… I was like “he was kind of Harry’s dad. And now he’s dead. Waahhhhhh.” But Rickman turned what I used to think was a creepy stalker level of infatuation into serious possibly relateable adult angst. You know Snape’s just sitting up in the tower, listening to Joy Division all day long. Not even the Cure or the Smiths but late 70s / early 80s super sad Joy Division, mixing potions because the only person who understood him left him for a rich Quiddich jock and is dead. Poor Snape.

          • “You know Snape’s just sitting up in the tower, listening to Joy Division all day long, mixing potions because the only person who understood him left him for a rich Quiddich jock and is dead. Poor Snape.”

            So I am super late to the party here and only expected to come by and help clean up, but I signed in just so I could say: badideajeans, if I could give you all my upvotes for the month, I would. Take them. (Take them….to the paahnts-sive…)

    • Without the Dumbledore portrait scene, his final scene ever is the one detailing how Harry is essentially a pig he’s raising to slaughter (him becoming Gandalf the White at King’s Crossing was all just in Harry’s head anyway).

      So, all the nice old men you’ve ever looked to as respectable elders who genuinely care for your well being are actually just dicks. I guess that realization is why everyone is saying their childhood is over, right?

    • I just wrote the exact same thing about the elder wand in the exact same words. Are you my horcrux.

  14. When I was leaving the theater, some girl actually said, “My childhood is over,” so being me, I actually said to this, “My childhood ended when my granddad died.” I doubt things were put into perspective for either of us.

    Also the movie was ok.

  15. Did anyone else spend the entire movie NOT crying…?

    Cuz, I mean… I- I… definitely didn’t cry through the entire movie…

    • Wet eyes. Broken heart. Lost my shit.

    • I sounded like a dying asthmatic through most of the film, and then escalated to a much worse level during snapes flashback.

      I may have ruined the film for others

      • I was so expecting to cry! And I didn’t! And I cry at commercials with ikea lamps in them! What’s wrong with me?!

        • Perhaps the end of it all was too fast and caught you off gaurd? I was watching final-speeches and what not the whole week prior to the film so i was nice and warmed up for a good sob.

          • I think if they had done the Snape/Lily dream sequence a little longer I would have gone bananas. Cause, not only was that so heartbreakingly sad but also I called it? Before the last book? NERDPOWER.

            Oh oh! Also! Neville! Yes, he’s totally awesome. BUT remember how the prophecy would only come to be on whoever Voldie chose it to be on? What if he had chosen Neville? Would Neville had been absolutely screwed because Snape wasn’t in love with his mom? #thingsthatkeepmeupatnight

        • its not letting me reply to your 2:30 pm so i’m writing it here.
          it was very well done, i wish it had been longer too. I wanted to see the teenage scenes from the book and LITTLEKID SIRIUS+JAMES.

          I think about the Neville thing too, because the way the books puts it, by the end of it Neville really did prove himself. He grew up just as Harry did (i personally think nevilles parents back story is sadder than harry’s). I think the Lily Potter storyline really just adds a bonus to harry, but i guess we don’t know if Nevile’s mother would have done the same.

          I don’t think Snape loving lilly perticularily saved harry, it merely added another dimension to the underlying theme of love in the books.

        • That is because you are CRAZY. The lamp has no feelings, and the new one is much better.

  16. i liked it overall, these last two have been much better than most of the other movies. the seventh book, i think, is the most wrought with plot holes. harry takes draco’s wand so somehow he now possesses the eldar wand? yeah right, jk rowling. to me, the end of the seventh book is a lot like Lost: it takes a story that was pretty ridiculous and then pushes it over the edge.

    there were still lots of things i loved! NEVILLE! also, Neville and Luna! thank you for correcting that book mistake, moviemakers! Leaving in Mrs. Weasley’s “Not my daughter, you bitch!”

    I did have problems with Snape creepily holding Lily’s dead body. Also, why introduce the myth of the deathly hallows and not have Harry wear the cloak at the end. LAME.

    and now I’m going to shut up and continue to mourn fred weasley.

    • Yes, I agree and kinda wish he would have worn the cloak on his walk through the forest as he did in the book. But I did like that they added the sweet scene where Harry tells Hermione and Ron what he’s about to do, and she starts crying and says, “I’ll go with you.” I lost my SHIT at that point!

    • “harry takes draco’s wand so somehow he now possesses the eldar wand? yeah right”

      THAT BUGS THE HELL OUT OF ME TOO. But my wife tells me I’m just being a nerd.

      • I thought there was an explanation for this in the book. Snape used Draco’s wand to disarm and kill Dumbledore (for me the confusion is did Dumbledore allow Snape to do this? And if so, can you really lose if you never tried?) so Draco become the Elder Wand owner. Then Harry beat Draco in a duel at the Malfoy manner becoming the rightful possesor of the wand. I didn’t see the movie so I don’t know how they explained it, but that is how I understood it. And whether I am wrong or right I will continue to believe it that way.

    • I love Neville. Maybe too much. It’s ok, I already called Chris Hanson. Hopefully I will be back soon, commenting from Prison.

      • oof, you and me both.

        i was a little annoyed at the snake killing scene. I wanted it to be like the book where his head is on fire then he pulls out the sword like a BAMF and beheads it. it seems the movie couldn’t let go of nerdy nevile.

    • Oh yeah! So, here’s something, if when you Expelliarmus a wand out of someone’s hand it becomes yours, then why weren’t they just trading wands all the fucking time when Harry was leading Dumbledore’s Army? Or is only if you’re dueling against someone with whom you have malice? PLOT HOLES!

      • The Elder Wand is so smart, it knows who its proper owner is and cuts out the middle man (i.e. walking like 30 feet or whatever to the wand to pick it up).

    • And I agree that the movies should have done a better job of explaining that a wand’s “allegiance” is related to whomever disarms the previous master…they never really explained it, even though the book goes into this in detail. I feel like David Yates, Steve Kloves, et. al always do a really respectable job of adapting the novels overall, but that there are always one or 2 glaring errors that all the hardcore fans are obviously going to hate.

    • OK, regarding the Elder Wand… It’s very important that Voldemort mistakes the rules for who is in possession of the elder wand….because he assumes you have to kill the person, but he is deadly wrong. And harry discovers at the last minute that the wand actually belongs to him. He discovers something no one else knows. It’s cool and exciting, and it’s the reason Voldemort is destroyed. It is the absolute crux of the plot.
      (pushes glasses back up to bridge of nose)
      and also, go Molly Weasly

      • So this villian that everyone fears and they spent seven movies building up how evil he is and he turns out to be a complete dum dum who hasn’t done his research?

        The thing about Voldemort is the less you see him, the scarier he is, kinda like Jaws. People in my theatre we always laughing at him because of Ralph Fienne’s not-intended-to-be-funny-but-were-and-yet-are-still-pretty-good acting choices.

  17. Oddly, this (these) was (were) my favorite movie(s), but it was my least favorite book. It’s been since the 7th book was released that I read it, so I didn’t notice the (apparently) glaring omissions. But I say A+++ would watch again!

  18. I’m interested in what (other) people who didn’t read the books thought. It seems to me like the books are necessary to comprehend the movies, especially the last two. I’m assuming that a much richer tapestry was woven in the novels- but as an outsider, the items necessary for understanding the basic motivations behind the story are totally absent from the movies. So to me, most of the movies (especially the last one) come off as confusing and mediocre.
    Or, I am just not smarter than a fifth grader.

    • i agree! there were a lot of things that were said very quickly. I think Snape’s memories were really hard to follow in the movie. It felt much too rushed.

      • My wife (Harry Potter Fan To The Max) contends that they should have condensed part 1 and expanded part 2 so the ending didn’t feel so rushed.

        • yeah, they could’ve gotten rid of most of the camping bits. i think they just wanted to end the first movie on a big scene, which doesn’t come until dobby’s death.

          • I have never read the books, but I have seen (most of) the films. This part is confusing/ridiculous to me:

            Voldemort “zaps” Harry Potter with his wand during their confrontation in the woods. Harry appears to be dead.

            Voldemort: “I have spent, like, 18 years or whatever of my life dedicated to finding and killing Harry Potter. I am the most powerful and intelligent evil wizard that has ever existed pretty much. Now that I just zapped Harry Potter with my super wand, I am just going to ask gray-haired Malfoy lady to cruise over there about 10 feet away and check to see if Harry Potter is for sure dead or still alive, because I cannot tell because obviously I would not ask someone else to check for me were I 100% certain he was dead.”

            Malfoy Mommy: “He’s dead.” (Liar!)

            Voldemort: “Awesome, that’s good enough for me. Let’s head back to Hogwarts and declare victory and brag about the end of the world as we know it. I am not going to use my basic non-evil-wizard senses or simple perceptive skills to double check to see if he is really dead or anything, I have only been trying to do this for like 18 years and my whole evil existence depends on it NO BIG DEAL. I am not going to bother with a double tap (double tap with super wand?) or chop his head off or wait for him to disintegrate into wizard dust or or conjure up some “is-he-really-dead” confirmation spell or simply lean in myself to see if he is really breathing or anything. Just let his giant buddy pick him up and carry him back as is, that’s cool. Let’s roll, can’t waste time now.”

            WTF? Or am I guilty of some criminally obvious oversight? Anybody?

    • I forgot to mention that I found the movie super anticlimactic. I mean we’ve invested at minimum what, eight movies worth of time in this story? They fight for a few minutes and they just walk around on a bridge for another minute while everyone else goes back to normal? Yikes.
      Like I said before, I’m sure the end was WAY better in the books.
      Also, I think Peter Jackson ruined fantasy battle sequences for me, cause wand fights just don’t do it for me.

      • it’s actually kind of worse in the books? harry has a speech, does one spell, and voldemort trips on a rock.

        i like to pretend the last part of book seven didn’t happen (as well as all the wandering in the woods…okay, most of book 7)

        • Yeah, when I read the book four years ago, I remember hating that the majority of the book is just killing time in a forest. I mean, I understand that it’s probably realistic for them to not just be in a 24/7 wizard battle against a bajillion death eaters, but Jesus, I was getting so sick of just exhausting explanation of what was happening. She should’ve just written “for about six months Harry has the one ring and it’s just like LoTR for a while.” and the book would’ve been half its thickness.

      • The fight was shorter and the ending was just as dumb in the book. Sorry, nerds.

    • I have not read any of the books. To me, every film has not felt like a complete film, but rather a big budget companion piece to the books. Almost every scene throughout the entire film series has felt rushed and loaded with missing subtext that it does not have time to convey properly. I’m over-exaggerating a bit, but this feeling I described is what stands out the most for me when I think back and remember the film series.

      That being said, I have enjoyed the action and the magic and the dangers and the drama presented in HP & Co’s adventures from pretty much Prisoner of Azkaban onwards. Azkaban for Gary Oldman’s first appearance, and everything afterwards because of Voldermort’s menacing presence. I remember the first time where I actually thought, “that was cool. I have not seen something like that before and I am impressed,” and that was Voldermort’s magic fight with Dumbledore at the end of The Order of the Phoenix.

      As a whole, i think it is a worthwhile franchise to watch, especially if you love wizardry, and you don’t NEED to have read all the books to (mostly) understand the basic character dynamics and the plot. But in the end, I still have strong feelings that these films work best as companion pieces to the books, and are ultimately the most rewarding for people who have read them.

      • I also liked how the ending was like, “Well, that was your grand adventure, kids. You’re what? 17 now? Yeah, that’s it. Nothing you will ever do will make you feel that alive ever again. Better get married or something, I dunno…”

  19. Very strange moments when the group are falling from the cart in Gringotts, Hermione casts a spell to stop them from smushdeath, and then the audience gets an oddly-long, very focused cleavage shot as she hangs in air.

    I know a lot of us “grew up” with these movies (vomdotcom on the phrasing) but maybe a little too much fanservice.

    • I also noticed that!? I thought it was Carter’s Cleavage (my new band name) but it was totally little Emma’s. I mean, I like cleave as much as the next lesbian but she feels more like a sibling to me. Since I’ve known her since she was 11 and all..

  20. Okay, well i pretty much started bawling the moment the title appeared. Because i am a baby. It was very good. Maybe i’m just a biased fan but i loved it, they deviated a lot from the book but it was needed. I never thought they’d pull it off the way they did.

    It was epic, tragic, stylish and nothing more or less than magical. Alexander Desplat’s soundtrack was very much the perfect touch, it gave the film so much emotional weight. Some of the best scenes were Dame Maggie Smiths, Alan Rickman’s (who stole the show without a doubt) and just noticing how the trio has finally become the characters they set out to play 10 years ago.

    It was pretty wonderful, and as someone who began reading the books when i was 9, it has really been a bittersweet goodbye. I don’t think they could have giving Potter a better send off and fitting end than this film.

    I do have two complaints though. What the fuck was up with neville’s hammy speech. That could have been entirley avoided. And also… you do not just BREAK THE ELDER WAND. That was a bit wierd. Didn’t know why he couldn’t have just put it back in ol’Dumble’s tomb.

    Anyway, i’m going to go bawl some more now while i look up recipes for butterbeer.

    • Well it’s pretty unfair when the first cut after the title says “Here Lies Dobbie, A Free Elf.” I didn’t cry at the end of the first movie but hot damn if I didn’t start welling when I saw THAT. Or thinking of it now. Or Fred. Or Snape.

  21. It didn’t suck! In fact, it was pretty good! All the actoring was top-notch (this has always been true of these movies). Alan Rickman deserves all his shout-outs–I would also like to mention Maggie Smith and my man Ralph Fiennes (me to my friend after: “I love that he holds his wand backwards just because he’s so fucked-up.”). My Potter-viewing buddy, who has never read a Potter book, was able to understand the entire thing without asking me to fill in important plot points afterwards (which has not been true for the last 3 movies). And the visual effects–but we knew that going into it. Back-pats for everyone,

    And here is the part where it becomes sad that I am 29 years old: I would very much like to marry Neville Longbottom. Not Matt Lewis (though if we ever do meet each other, we can play that by ear), the fictional (adolescent!) character played by him in the movie. Courageous, kindhearted, loves plants. My husband, please.

  22. What were these Pervious Videogum Movie Clubs? That doesn’t sound like something anyone should see as a family…

  23. Harry and Ginny’s kiss was super weak. Ron and Hermione’s was straight-up baller.

    • At the end when Harry runs into Ron and Hermione after killing Voldemort, they had, like JUST fucked, right? I was half expecting to see Hermione’s blouse on inside out.

    • I feel like the director avoided putting Ginny on screen as much as possible because she is getting old looking. She looks weird and she’s been taller than harry for the last few movies. That’s my theory.

  24. This has probably been ranted about before, but I haven’t seen a movie in the theater in for-fucking-ever, so here goes. What the fuck is up with shitty 3D? I mean, it looked okay and it wasn’t too distracting and I didn’t get a headache, though Mrs. Awesome did, but it just looked like movies pieces of paper the whole time. That’s not what our eyes see! We see a smooth gradient of distance, not series of flat planes stacked in front of each other. I hate it!

    • with the exception of Toy Story 3, I’ve always been disappointed by 3D. Also, why can’t they give a discount for bringing your own glasses? 3 bucks for glasses that they want you to “recycle” at the end is idiotic. it’s a waste of money.

      • Before the movie there was an add that was like “Keep 3D Green! Recycle your 3D glasses in the receptacle in the lobby!”, but really that’d work a lot better if they said “Keep 3D cheap!”

        I can’t really complain, though, a full price ticket was 11 dollars at the nicest, newest theater in Fort Worth.

      • Did you guys not get awesome Harry Potter 3D glasses that you will always bring back to every 3D movie from now on?

  25. Jet, the thing to also hate is that in this case you’re seeing a movie that has about 90% of it’s action at night and you’re wearing glasses that dim the screen’s brightness by about 85%. I’m no science math wizard but before I get worried about the effects of the 3d I want to make sure I can see it at all.

  26. Harry should have ended up with Loony Lovegood. That girl was awesome. How could he like that drip Ginny Weasley over Luna? Ginny has no personality and together they had no chemistry. Even in the books I thought Harry and Luna were going to be together in the end. She was the only one who really got him. Oh well. I liked when they freed that poor dragon.

  27. I wish the Hogwarts dating pool was a little less demanding. Whoever is your first major crush (wether requited or not) will be your life partner. And no one is gay (except the dead guy).

    I can’t wait to see it again with the first half too. It was hard to hear some of the dialogue because the audience was so ready to laugh/cry at everything. For example, I totally missed what Ron said when Ginny’s just staring at Harry. And why was their kiss so weak! And thank you so much movie-makers for making Neville and Luna be together. That totally should have happened in the book!

    I don’t know. The whole thing left me feeling empty? I don’t know if it’s because it’s over and my little monkeybrain can not compute or what. I just can’t believe that that was it. That it’s over.

    I read the books when I was 16 and I remember calculating that the rate to which they were coming out would have the last book/movie coming out when I would be in my mid/late 20s. I remember wondering if I would still care. Then of course I grew and ended up working at a bookstore with a midnight release launch of the last book, dressed as a Weasley twin, handing out copies until 1:30. And then at 26 lining up to watch the midnight showing wearing my best Gryffindor tie. Oh, 16 year old Harke. If only you knew how much aging did not equate maturing.

    • I think JK Rowling purposely gave everybody a boyfriend/girlfriend before the person they ended up with, though. Harry had Cho, Ron had Lavender, Hermione had Krum and Ginny had like three boyfriends before Harry.

      • But Ginny had a crush on Harry from the beginning.
        Hermione and Ron both had crushes on each other long before they had their fill-ins.
        And Harry did like Cho but she liked Cedric and then he died! So, no dice.

        That’s why I purposely said crushes and not ‘dated’. I think I just really worry about the idea that your first crush ever is the love of your life! Cause…I mean, I just don’t think Jonathan Taylor Thomas is going to return my calls.

    • I was kind of annoyed that these people are fighting to stop the creeps who are all about pure wizard blood and whatnot but then they only marry each other? What about the muggles? It’s explicitly said a number of times that they need to marry muggles to perpetuate the wizarding community. That being said, Neville I’m over here across the pond…

  28. didn’t read the books so…

    can someone explain what was meant by HP’s momz and snape having the same misty animal thingy? were they trying to say that HP’s mom was a ho and that snape could be his dad? that can’t be true, right? HP and James-dad have the same glasses so he must be the real dad…so what did they mean by that?

    • Nope. Snape loved Harry’s mom who didn’t love him back (romantically). Because his patronus (animal thingy) is the same as he’s, he carried that flame for her his whole life.

      If you didn’t actually want an explanation, I apologise, Just pretend this is full of clever jokes.

      • no, i really wanted an explanation! and i still don’t get it! how does one get an animal thingy? did they explain that in the earlier movies?

        • Yes. Its just a patronus, its a personal sheild that you project and it takes the form of an animal that resembles you most/is close to your heart. Lily was a doe, and James was a stag. Snape’s love for lilly is everlasting, and thus his most personal projection of what keeps him safe is lilly potter.

        • the animal thingy is a patronus and it’s basically all your happy thoughts in a nice animal form. it protects from dementors. if you can do the spell correctly, you get an animal thingy. i’m guessing that since snape’s happiest memories were of harry’s mom, that’s why his is a doe like hers. a lot of this stuff wasn’t really gone over in the movies, so don’t worry if you’re confused.

        • The animal things are just a spell you can cast. The animal takes a form personal to you, a lot of them being representative of someone close to your heart.
          Harry learned to cast this spell in the third book/movie. His takes the animal form of his father, a stag.

  29. After having discussed it at length with my nerdy friends all weekend, I’m too emotionally exhausted to rehash it. All I have to say is: it’s probably a good thing that the movies are done because I looked around the audience at the midnight showing and realized I was basically an unintentional chaperone to all of the baby nerds.

  30. So, did anyone see ‘The Trip’? It was so great and surprisingly touching. Lets talk about ‘The Trip’!

    • I watched the show, but I haven’t seen the movie, yet. I’m curious as to how it was condensed. I love those two guys. Rob Brydon because I’m a QI addict, and Steve Coogan because nobody plays pathetic better than him.

  31. SO. I have a serious problem here, somebody tell me if I’m missing something.
    I read the books so I understood (at least, to the extent of which it was explained rather lamely if I remember in book 7) but I went with a friend who hadn’t read them and he was confused:
    Does the movie in any way shape or form explain the fact that Dumbledore’s all HARRY HAS TO DIE and then Harry goes and Voldemort is all AVADA KEDAVRA and yet…Harry gets to come back alive! It’s all Crucifixion of Christ Who Died For Our Sins but…Everyone still gets what they want in the end, happy, tralalala! In the book they had some explanation essentially of it killing the Horcrux inside of Harry but not him if I recall correctly but in the movie they really make no such distinction, Dumbledore’s just like ‘yeah you can go back if you want, kid.” And honestly there’ s no choice involved in that–what 20-year-old is just gonna die when he has the chance to go back to his bffs and a world where Voldemort is dead 4evr if he succeeds? Grrrr /rant

    • No it doesn’t explain it at all. What’s really weird is that he had the Resurrection Stone, like, TWO MINUTES AGO, and if he’d just kept it in his hand not only would his resurrection have made some sense, but it also would have meant that the Resurrection Stone actually had a purpose in the plot.

      • yeah I thought he just used the resurrection stone to bring back the shadows of his family/friends for a minute but by the legend of the Stone it would’ve actually brought them back (even if not forever) instead of memories only he could see that are ‘with him in his heart.’ gag.

        in terms of harry potter legend, it also bugs me that the deathly hallows include the elder wand (one all-powerful wand), the resurrection stone (one awesome rock that can bring people back to life), oh, and the invisibility cloak, of which there are one MILLION that anybody and their grandma can have lying around. hmph. but that’s another story, i guess.

        • I always thought that the Invisibility Cloak, a true invisibility cloak (not like, as Papa Lovegood says just a charmed cloak or something) was incredibly rare. But then at some point it mentions Mad Eye has two. So who knows!

          • You’d think, though, that if a true invisibility cloak were really rare, and that it was a famous wizard artifact, someone might have mentioned it earlier on.

            “Ron, why didn’t you say anything about the Deathly Hallows before?”

            “It never really came up.”

            “Never? Even though there’s no such thing as an invisibility cloak, except the one that Death made, which is exactly like this one that I’ve had for the last seven years?”


      • Well I hope this works, first time posting. The reason Harry was able to “resurrect” was from the fourth book, and an event unrelated to the stone. When Voldemort first came back to full form at the end of the fourth novel, it had required the use of the blood of an enemy. The entire elaborate Harry kidnapping in book four from the maze at the end of the wizarding cup, was because Voldemort specifically wished to use Harry’s blood, instead of any old enemy. As such, with Harry’s blood incorporated into the still living Voldemort, Harry was able to come back to life. This is explained by Dumbledore in the book in the scene in Harry’s mind, but possibly never shot for this film or left on cutting room floor. Voldemort’s pride made the fatal mistake of using Harry’s blood way back in Book Four (Flash of triumph in Dumbledore’s eyes when Harry told him.) The Ressurection stone NEVER could bring people back to life fully, but could bring your loved ones spirits to be present with you. There are numerous things that are flawed in the books, but a lot of Rowlings ‘ brilliance i always felt, was masterfully separately stepping between what characters believe (legend), vs, suspect, vs learn to be true, within her world – and also how different characters learn things at different times, and what characters know does not always match what the audience knows at any given time. The revelation of all the secrets is a lot of what is wonderful about the series.

    • Yeah, they don’t really explain it in the movie. As I understand it, not only did Voldemort kill the Horcrux (and, I guess, could have killed Harry if he’d moronically chosen to not go back) but the fact that Harry chose to die and willingly met him in the forest also protected everybody in the castle–that’s why (in the book) none of the curses stuck on the people fighting against Voldemort. And it didn’t matter that Harry didn’t actually die in the end, the fact that he meant to die was enough.

      • jk07 spot on in regards to Harry’s sacrifice being all that was required to protect everyone else – although i never really liked that idea. In regards to the invisibility cloak stuff, yeah Rowling kind of backpedaled in book 7 by basically saying that Harry’s Cloak was better than anyone had ever seen someone else ever have. Kind of a retcon saying that everyone else’s invisibility cloaks or charms wear off over time, Harry’s has always remained perfect. Also aside from Harry’s dad’s friends, and Harry’s friends (and enemies), his invisibility cloak probably was never common knowledge in the wizarding community.

  32. So, can someone explain this to me, because I saw this movie twice and I swear it is true, but no one else ever mentions it and now I think I might be very crazy.

    In the beginning of the movie, when they’re in the house with Griphook the Goblin and the sword of Godric Gryffindor (I am a grown up, so what?), he tells them that there’s an identical replica sword in the Lestrange vault at Gringotts, and that only a goblin could tell the difference.

    And then Ron asks, “What acquaintance?” meaning “what acquaintance put the fake sword there” — only, Griphook hasn’t used the word “acquaintance.” No one’s said anything about an acquaintance at all. He hasn’t even said that someone specifically put the sword there, this implying a subject to the action that someone might ask about.

    Am I just imagining this? Did a sentence somehow get cut out of the movie? I have to be imagining it, right? There’s no way that a director, actors, writer, editor, the million people in the room and the million billion people that saw the movie just didn’t notice it, right?

    • No I think you remember correctly from the Movie. I always felt in the books that the sword simply “Magically appeared” whenever needed. The line in the movie I think was supposed to steer the audience towards an explanation later in the film, that Snape put the sword in the pond in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1. I suspect, that the line/ Snape literally putting the sword there, was added so the audience would know Snape was assisting unbeknownst to Harry and Co, and that someone (test audience/studio exec) wasn’t able to initially get that from the Doe Patronus (later revealed to be Snapes) leading Harry to it in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1.

  33. I would also like to add that Gambon has significantly improved from his initial foray into being Dumbledore.

    • I thought Michael Gambon was perfect in Prisoner of Azkaban, but in Goblet of Fire the director decided that Dumbledore had to be more of a “badass” and it was really dumb. But I thought that whole movie was kind of a big fail.


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