A young marine posts a YouTube asking Betty White to go with him to the Marine Corps Ball, of course:

We should all be so lucky as to get asked out by handsome young marines (no sempero) when we are 90 years old but also COME ON ALREADY. It is 2011 now! Throwing Betty White’s name around ironically is straight-up FRIENDSTER behavior. Even Betty White when she heard this threw down her tapioca pudding cup and was like, “Oh you have got to be kidding me.” I hope she says yes because of support our troops or whatever, but this kid probably doesn’t even know how to dance with a Betty White. Dude better start brushing up on his Charleston, or whatever. “Do you know how to do the Lace Fizz? No? How about the Puppy Shuffle? Seriously? You at least no how to do the Eleanor. Oh good grief, go get us some punch.” It’s going to be humiliating. Very ironic. So clever. (Via HuffingtonPost.)

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  1. Sounds like someone is bitter that he can’t compete with a “Media Blogger Invited To Orgy By Merchant Marine” headline.

  2. I think the Marine Corps needs to beef up its Comedic Timing division.

  3. You know what else is gonna be straight up Friendster behavior? When he tries to rope her into a “rapping granny” routine at the Marine Corps Ball.

  4. Ugh, this entire Marine Ball thing is annoying. It’s gross all the way around. No, celebrities shouldn’t have to feel obligated to go on dates with youtubing strangers, and making a celebrity do it is not supporting the troops. I can just imagine the people planning this thing love having to figure out logistics and security for the Ball of Starz.

    • It’s annoying that it’s just now becoming a thing. My brother went to the Naval Academy, and they were doing the same shit back in 2001 or whatever. It wasn’t THAT funny then, it’s still not 10 years later.

    • Well it’s a room full of soldiers, so security might not be too big an obstacle.

      • As a veteran, I can tell you that I would have been the first to use Betty White as a human shield. Recruiters will take ANYBODY.

        • For real though. When my husband signed up, they literally told us it wasn’t a problem if he had felonies, so long as they weren’t drug related. The military isn’t exactly the brightest and the best these days.

    • I’d just like to point out that I’ll be on the same television show as Mila Kunis tonight (look at me way behind Wye Oak tonight Jimmy Fallon!) and I am way too excited to see Mila Kunis in person because it was weird being married to someone who hasn’t actually met me yet.

  5. I’d say no, dude can only do two pull ups.

  6. REAL men don’t guilt trip grannies.

  7. You know. I get this picture in my head of a a very pissed off and frustrated Betty White just saying, “No! No, I don’t want to go to a ball with some kid. I’m exhausted… Actually, wait. Any chance I’ll get any?”

  8. Can I say that that doesn’t sound like a fun date? I love my grandma, but I don’t want to take my grandma places because she makes a lame date!

    PROTIP: 90 year olds are in bed by the time this thing starts, no matter when it starts, as long as it’s after 2pm.

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