Aw hell. Hal, better get on up there and change the sign:

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  1. The hearts of space background music is what really sells it. Also, I am sympathy cringing for this dude.

  2. Embarrassing anecdote time: I once did that. Although somehow it was without a fancy backflip. I guess I just liked to bounce dangerously close to the edge as a child. When you bounce that close to the edge, sometimes you’re gonna get racked.

  3. Bonus points for lack of shirt, next time bring a cat along and you win the game

  4. I’ll bet he doesn’t have the balls to try that again.

  5. I’m pretty new to Videogum. So new in fact that this was the first trampoline accident I’ve witnessed here. My hands are shaking, and I think I am tearing up.

  6. Someday, when my (currently non-existent) children ask if they can have a trampoline, I will tell them no. And when they cry and complain, I will show them videos of people being seriously injured on trampolines. God bless the internet.

  7. Phenomenal Videogum sidebar advertising, Nestea.

  8. So the internet is officially Idiocracy now, right? Ow, My Balls and Sweet Bang Tube are all up in this bitch.

  9. LOL!!! yoooooo sooooonnn!! bwahahahaha!


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