It’s Friday morning. We’ve had a long week, but we are now in the home stretch. It is a weird thing, weekends and all that, the effect of the working life on the human psyche. I mean, everyone is only alloted so many days on this Earth, and so each one should really be given equal weight and equal opportunity to please or disappoint us. But that’s simply not the case. A Monday does not feel the same as a Friday, not in the workaday world. The potential for joy feels constrained on a Monday while it feels limitless on a Friday. By Sunday night the cycle will have repeated itself and we will have come full circle. But for now, on this morning, we are at the cycle’s peak, and still flush with the hopeful anticipation that attends any unlived weekend. Who knows just HOW relaxed we will get or just HOW much fun we will have with our friends. If anything, this Friday morning, we would love to just loosen that one lever under the seat of our office chair and hear the pneumatic hiss as the back reclines, kick our feet up on the desk, and lace our hands behind our heads because haven’t we earned it? But suddenly, the camera pans back and seems to zero in on us. ON US! Realizing this, we also realize that there are only a few seconds left before the cut to commercial. There is no time to even think. THIS IS IT! OUR TIME IS NOW! So what do we do? We fucking RUN THIS is what we do.

Let’s go, guys! Leave everything on the blog floor. We’re not done yet. The finish line is the finish line, not the morning before the finish line. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. Woooo! Let us eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow many of us might have the opportunity to sleep in so might as well enjoy it, eh?*

    *probably lacks the punch of ‘for tomorrow we die’, but at least we don’t have to deal with the entire dying aspect. Overall, I call it a win.

  2. His fly punching technique is even cooler than Barry Obama’s

  3. Every time I try to adjust the back of my chair, I pull the wrong lever and my ass goes SHOOP to the floor.

  4. Let’s talk about dancing, you guys. I only do it at weddings, because I’m terrible at it! According to MsQuinn, my dancing consists mainly of me stomping my feet. Like I said – terrible!

    What about you guys? Do you like to dance? Are any of you half decent at it?

  5. Chicago: Skraight Killin it this week

  6. I love any kind of dancing that looks fun and non-self aware. Every time I dance, I am thinking “Oh god, my arms and where’s the beat?”, and it’s not enjoyable at all. I tried going to clubs a few times thinking it would be like Eighties movie scenes, and everyone just did that humpy thing which is gross.

  7. I love love love how excited the kid gets when he sees he’s on TV. It’s his moment. He’s been training for it, and now… now the time to shine.


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