Remember Braco? Well, Scott Jacobson (who writes for Bob’s Burgers and directed this Superchunk video) went to one of his gazing sessions (actually, seven of them) and wrote about the experience. BRACOOOOO!

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  1. Braco’s Modern Life.

  2. Is there a link where I can read about experiences with Braco or are you just telling us this exists and we are expected to find it on our own?

    Bracolor me confused.

  3. Is the piece he wrote invisible?

  4. Apparently, there are no words to describe what he experienced.

  5. If you click on the italicized text it can link you to the article. Many links happen instantaneously. Others take a few months or never, depending upon the soul’s choice.

  6. This invisible link thing is a real bracontroversy!

  7. This is probably neither the time, nor the place, but I feel like I should just say:

    SUPERCHUNK!! Pitchfork Festival!! Sunday!!

    I’m very excited for this.

  8. The link is there now! Yay, link! Yay for the link!

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