So, longtime Videogum reader and active commenter DS3M has gotten what as far as I know is the first ever Videogum-themed tattoo. Eek? Yay? I have a lot of feelings about this! On the one hand, it is obviously very flattering. On the other hand it makes me very very nervous. Tattoos are forever. Uh oh, you knew that, right DS3M? A girl in my high school ended up regretting a tattoo that she got on her shoulderblade, and I guess maybe she didn’t know that they were forever, but in order to try and recover from this tragedy, her mother paid for her to get a new tattoo to cover the old tattoo and it was just a big bunch of purple grapes. Hahhaha. That still makes me laugh. (And that is still a tattoo on her shoulderblade! Forever and ever!) I wonder where she got the concept? Probably from the bathroom mural at an Olive Garden. Anyway, you guys, let’s just please remember that Videogum is a fun blog but that it is just a blog, and that most likely it will be gone long before your tattoo rots off of your dead corpse. I’m not in any way trying to diminish what DS3M has chosen for himself, I’m just offering a brief word of warning to anyone who might think of following him down this path. It’s probably crazy how many of you there are who are planning on doing this without even thinking about it at all, so thank God I am here to talk to you about it. Phew. Anyway, I will turn it over to DS3M now, who has offered a very thoughtful backstory on his tattoo’s origin story:

A bit about the piece:
Designed by you guys; customized by me breddah, old school monster, @davidcxr.

I’ve been ds3m since I was 16, wanted my Tag on me since 05… The vgum version was a recent stroke of genius (idiocy). Been wanting it for weeks, had the shot at it when my tattoo artist friends were hanging out last night.

Didn’t even get charged! Just left a nice tip.

Its supposed to look a bit rough and under filled (like a real life sponge stamp). And it didn’t hurt, really. Its on my right leg, above the knee. A Decidedly Non Painful Spot, generally speaking.

I decided to hold off on the Gabe tramp stamp (barbed wire in a heart, surrounding your face)
Jkjkjk – that’s going on my left leg in my illuminati sleeve.

VGum has meant a lot to me the last couple of years. I almost died when my blood tried to kill me, and the site, the community, the twitteogummers and the facegummers all rallied to wish me well.

Ive been to Austin and New York – JUST For Monsters and Monster Events.

Ive helped coordinate a goofy fan page, a weird website, been a part of the follow up blogs and sideshows all over the interwebs.

I have helped a monster move!

Meetups, good people, pop culture and life discussions galore. I can honestly say I have made friends that (I believe) I will have for life.

Can’t say it enough – Thanks Gabe, and thanks videogum.

A Little Tattoo on my leg (Amidst all of my other pieces on my body) is the least I can do to show my love and support for the best Blog on the Interwebs.

And even though I “quit” all the time, I never do. It’s all in jest, all for the lulz, all for the fake exasperation and the jokes that can ensue.

I can’t quit you guys.

Richard (DS3M) Striano

We love you, too, DS3M. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t get rid of tattoos. (Alt: Tattoos forever, DS3M.)

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  1. in high school I got the van halen logo tattooed on my face and never once regretted that fact

  2. If this doesn’t secure that elusive editor’s choice, nothing will!

  3. Okay, Gabe, now is the time to start filling your posts with anti-semitic comments and photoshopped pictures of naked Tarja Halonen. Then this tattoo will become the biggest joke on DS3M.

  4. Thanks for inspiring my new Olive Garden tattoo Gabe, a tramp stamp that says when you’re here you’re family

  5. I think this is sweet. You identify strongly with your screenname/nickname, internet relationships are part of your life, and videogum is how you’ve formed some strong ones. Plus, it’s just the little logo, so it’s like a secret symbol for only those “in the know”! Others will think you just like old-timey projectors and the colour purple (and The Colour Purple).

    If I may ask (and you don’t have to tell, it’s a personal question), what’s the story behind your name? I had assumed it was based on your initials, but that’s not the case. Mine is based on a nickname in highschool, that was based on my real name.

  6. How to top this? I suppose I’ll have to go ahead and get Max Silvestri’s likeness tattooed across my chest.

  7. a gif’s tattoo-able? if not, i’m OUT.

  8. Oh DS3M, we love you, too. Even though this blog is just a blog and the monsters are just commentators on a blog, most of them are also Legitimately Super Awesome Human Beings who go above and beyond the internet call of duty to be excellent to each other.

    I have real life love in my heart for this place, so much so that it is MAYBE a little unhealthy. I guess I’m just trying to say that I understand DS3M and I want to hug him.

  9. At first I was like:

    and then i was like:

    Do your thing, DS. Carry onward VG soldier.

  10. With the floodgates now open, it’s probably safe to finally reveal my Dr. Birdie arm sleeve.

  11. You know, if DS3M had gotten the Videogum logo, I would say that he cray cray. But since it’s really just in the style of VG and you don’t have to know what VG is to appreciate it, I kinda like it (an important factor in his decision, I’m sure).

    So anyway, when are you coming to NYC again, Rich?

  12. Richard, we are family (probably? probably not?) and I can honestly say I have never been more proud of my family. Come here, cousin! *BEAR HUG* *TEARS*

  13. I already told DS3M that this was awesome, but I think I should tell him again…This is awesome. You are better Monster than us all!

    • Nah, I’m Exactly The Same as Errybody Else!
      But Many Thanks Nightmare! Hopefully I can go On tour and show erryone my leg

  14. “I have a lot of feelings about this!” WHAT A SURPRISE

  15. I’m going with “Yay,” because as all monsters know, we should all be so lucky to find something in this world that makes us happy.

  16. Stay gold, DS3M, stay gold.

  17. This is simply lovely!

  18. Fuck YEAH, DS. I salute YOU, YOU bastard you! MAY THIS country always BE FILLED with SUCH badasses!

  19. Dude. I saw you post this on G+, and no offense, I thought it was a temporary tattoo, and wondered, “Why did he shave for a temp tat?”

  20. We should take a pic at the next meetup of your new Vgum ink right alongside my General Snus tattoo.

  21. DS3M. All the upvotes.

  22. This will probably lead to me getting Henry Hatsworth (the be-monocled gentleman on the left) tattooed on me. Right now, I can think of no better idea.

  23. I should also mention that I’m really glad that this tattoo isn’t what I had originally thought it was at first glace: #DS3M
    Please, no one get a hashtag tattoo.

  24. guys, in related news, i’m quitting my job so i can just comment on Videogum all day long.

  25. I am logging in after goddamn forever to say big up to you, Rich!

    • Thank You For The Design, Me Breddah
      I and I been waitin fe de time fe de tattoo en Babylong, and de tattoo times been good, Seen

  26. For some stupid reason, every time my eyes saw “DS3M”, my brain read it as “MST3K.” I’m kinda dumb. At any rate, this is awesome, DS3M!

  27. Look, the Ask Jeeves tattoo I got in 1997 has definitely gotten me laid a few times. I’m still waiting for the Friendster tattoo to pay off, but it shouldn’t be long now.

  28. This Jerk Better get his Name off of my Damn Leg

  29. Very cool DS3M.

  30. I don’t think I have the guts to attain an EGOTT.

  31. Even if I didn’t know what the tattoo signified I’d say that it’s really pretty (No homo, no sarcasmo).

  32. Story time!

    I’m a regular reader, but not often a commentator, but my bestie (shoutout thisismynightmare!) has been a monster for quite some time now. At first when she started I was kind of like, “um, ok?” Then I started reading too and was like “Oh, ok!”. Well, after reading DS3M’s story I am like “YES! I get it!” It’s always such a special thing to have such a close connection to people with a common interest (just get me and Nightmare started on Something Corporate one day, or actually, don’t, because we’re total geeks) and I’m happy that you guys have it with each other. Who knows, maybe one day i’ll follow in Nightmare’s footsteps!! Anyways, that was super sappy, but hopefully i’ll have made at least one person go “Awww!”

  33. cool TAT (is saying tat cool?) DS3M

    I’m once again late to the commenting party because i was doing work (bawling while looking at childhood pictures of danielle radcliffe) but ive been on many forums/blogs/sites etc, and videogum remains to be the only site on which people are both very funny and very diplomatic. Ive been a silent reader for a while, and only began being a comment-monster a year ago, but this is a truly wonderful community. We have some very genuinley hilarious and smart folks on here.

  34. I should have told yall sooner about my “R you rally a skirrel?” tattoo. Hey everyone remember that thing fro years ago? Boy I sure did when a monster reminded me.

  35. This is inspiring me to go get that Manatee tatoo I always wanted.

  36. Damn. I always wanted to get a tattoo of a steel folding chair wrapped in barb wire as a homage to my old school ECW days.

  37. I tried to have “Videogum” tattooed on my weiner. But they ran out of space when they got to “Vide” so I had them tatto “Infra” on the other side of my weiner, then “Videogum” on my thigh.

  38. I am new to videogum, and am instantly surprised and enthused by the camaraderie found here, especially when juxtaposed with stereogum, where I am more of a veteran. I feel like I am late to a really, really good party, where the best of ‘Journey’ is playing all night long in the living room, a series box set of ‘Wings’ is on rotation on the basement television, and the Mom of the house is reeaall slutty and giving free rim jobs in the garage.

    ….I’ve never been good with first impressions.

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