Kathie Lee and Hoda are in Montreal for the next two days for some reason? Enough talk, get to the dancing GIFs!

Bonus Kathie Lee spilling her own beer hat GIF after the jump:


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  1. A Canadian Kathie Lee Gifford Dancing Gif is worth 1.25 as much as an American Kathie Lee Gifford Dancing Gif.

  2. She really put together a great poutine for the folks up there in Canada!

  3. Happy Bastille day, everyone!

  4. So, in case we were wondering about Montreal and its status as “haven for fatties,” a restaurant called Joe Beef serves a double down, but instead of fried chicken as the bun, it’s two pieces of fried foie gras. As you eat it, they play DJ Khaled’s “All I do is Win.”

  5. Holy crap! I’m leaving work right now to go wherever this is! Probably down the street!

  6. I’m just wondering what that Heard it Through The Grapevine sing a long scroll is all about

    • Je l’ai appris par la rumeur
      Pas beaucoup plus seriez-vous le mien.
      Oh je l’ai appris par la rumeur,
      Oh, et je suis juste en train de perdre mon esprit.
      Miel, miel ouais.

  7. I’m just happy to see that drinking on live television is back in such a big way. I finally have a chance at stardom

  8. Also, the man in the blue button up is doing the pulp fiction eye slide move at exactly the same time as Kathie Lee which makes me believe there is teleprompter that is suggesting dance moves.

    • I thought they only had those in the movies, teleprompters with dance moves are something that always appears in movies right?

  9. I know that a man ain’t supposed to cry.

  10. On the beer spilling LOLncident, Kathie Lee ROUTINELY morning-drinks to the point that she forgets about gravitation pull and the physical properties of liquid and all that nerd shit, because she is too focused on gluggin’ down some pinot-greege and talking Fashion with no one in particular.

  11. Look at the guy spinning in the background!! awww
    they seem to be overdoing it for such a slow song…


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