This Must Be the Place trailer, you guys:

Our current movie trailer policy is that we are rounding them up on Fridays and doing a MEGA-TRAILER post but we have to talk about this right now it cannot wait because this is not just a movie trailer, this is a movie trailer for a movie in which Sean Penn plays a ROCK STAR NAZI HUNTER WITH A BABY’S VOICE! We have been waiting ages for this, haven’t we? All of us? Yes. Now, look, none of us has seen this movie. Maybe it is the greatest movie that has ever been made. But I would put some money on the opposite being true, and I am not even a betting man. HIS VOICE MAKES ME FEEL CRAZY! It is like I Am Sam 2: Full Throttle. AND DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THE WAY HIS HEAD LOOKS! The best part with a trailer/movie like this is to remember how many people are involved with making movies. Like, just imagining two dozen people standing around holding their breath while Sean Penn goo-goos his way through a scene in which he confronts a Nazi with his acoustic guitar and also is this a Cameron Crowe feel-good road movie or what is going on but anyway to imagine those people is hilarious especially when Sean Penn says to the director, “Can we take that again? I want to try one where I’m actually drooling.” Hahaha. Oh brother!

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  1. Well, this movie will be a huge indie hit as they managed to put in a dig at Arcade Fire to along with the backlash they’re facing.

    • actually, being real here: that little moment of the trailer is going to turn off anyone who likes that song, and went into the trailer thinking “maybe the movie is just called ‘This Must Be The Place’ so that cool people like me get it and want to go see it, but the movie is cool and subtle enough that it doesn’t explain to all the people that don’t know that song that it is a Talking Heads song…”

      they see that and they’re like “Oh man, I’m so above this shit”

      we are kind of above that shit, actually

  2. Frank Lloyd Wrong in partnership with FLW Productions presents:

    A Frank Lloyd Wrong Animated Gif Commentary

    “My Reaction to the Trailer for ‘This Must Be The Place’”


  3. I think the less we say about this the better.

    • I have to talk about this in hopes that Dad will see that I supported him in talking about this movie when everyone else thought it was a bad idea and he’d move back in with me and my mom and we’d live together as a loving family and she wouldn’t have to work nine jobs to make ends meet anymore.

    • Saying we should talk about it less is already saying far too much. This post should have, at most, only existed in our collective subconscious.

  4. I gotta say when I heard “Senn Penn in makeup playing an aging rock-star nazi hunter with a baby voice”, I was honestly expecting something a little stranger than this. This actually seemed kinda normal.

    • If this is normal, send me a postcard from whatever David Lynch nightmare diorama you call home.

    • yeah – not saying I think it looked that great, but it looked like a normalish movie, and pretty beautifully shot of course.

      those messy German street artists could take a lesson from that preview and put Iggy Pop in the background of their next mediocre video. that song in the background makes ANYTHING look good probably.

  5. Um, is this actually SUPPOSED to be about Robert Smith??

  6. The nazis line in the movie when confronted by Penn:

    “I did nazi that coming!”

  7. Guess at the end of the day and in the larger scheme of things boys DO cry.

  8. Just so we’re all in agreement: film festival winners are selected based on the official ruling of “because art.” Right? It has to be that. This movie could simply not have been chosen because it’s “‘Fun for the whole family!’ -NY Times”

  9. Umm, Mr. Penn? Would you kindly read me the title of this album below?

    Did you see a “the” in there?

    • Kip, Mr. Penn called. He wants me to tell you that the first word in the title of that album is the word “the.”

      • Backwaxer, the word “arbitrary” called. He told me to tell you suck and so does your music.
        #stereogum #actuallyjusteverymusicwebsite

        • Kip, David Byrne called. He told me to tell you that he wants people, when they correct other people about the name of his band, to do the correcting by posting a jpeg of the original 1982 version of the album, and not with a jpeg of the 2004 reissue – cause, he says, all those people that weren’t even BORN in 1982 bought that reissue.

          • David Byrne, the Alliance of Autistic Wizards called. They want to know why you were no-call no-show at the last meeting.

          • Kip, Sean Penn likes to think that by starring in “I am Sam” he was doing a service for the mentally disabled, but David Byrne thinks he did it for the paycheck and thinks that the script and his performance were borderline offensive in their simplicity, and that it’s kind of always at least a little bit fucked up to make jokes of mental disabilities.

            get it?

            dude, actually, I haven’t really understood any of this or been able to tell if you actually think my music sucks for a little while. we’re joking very weirdly, but also nicely with each other, right?

    • Wouldn’t it be cool to take “the” 210 to “the” 710 to “the” 110 to see “the” Talking Heads at “the” Staples Center?


  10. Ugh. As soon as I saw that guy’s holocaust tattoo, the trailer lost me. First we had movies about the holocaust survivors themselves (great!), then we had movies about how “my grandfather who was always cold and emotionally distant actually turned out to be a holocaust survivor and we really bonded in that knowledge” (not so good!). I feel like we’re really close to movies about “how i once knew a guy who knew a guy who had something to do with the holocaust.”

    The holocaust is just script-writing code for instant, emotional gravitas — but what’s even more upsetting, I think, is that if you really want to trade in “instant gravitas” there are about a bazillion other conflicts you can source that haven’t been so codified as to make them obscure (severe-looking german, gnarled arm displaying faded green tattoo) — why not just make this guy’s father Bosnian or something?

    • what about Magneto in x-men the movie?

      • I haven’t seen x-men but I assume that Magneto was in the holocaust and that’s why he hates humankind so much? I’d argue that it works for Magneto because the inclusion of the holocaust subverts the conventions of the comic book movie. Historical context and genocide aren’t things you think of when you consider “X-Men.” But this sort of movie: the son who’s washed up and goes on a journey to find himself, and has a dying father who he hasn’t seen in awhile, and is ready to DISCOVER things! — in THIS sort of movie (not sure what you’d call it), it just seems pretty trite.

        • not sure what you say is true, vis a vis “subverts the conventions of the comic book movie” as its actually quite conventional for comic book movies to be dark and super realistic, like for example the tim burton batman movie from 1989 with the fucking prince music PSYCHE just kiddin’

  11. who’s trying to ruin that bonnie prince billy song at the beginning of this mess?

  12. Fun fact: I couldn’t play this video without temporarily disabling my Ad blocker.


  13. I can’t believe they forgot to put the record scratch before the Iggy Pop song. Sloppy.

  14. “One of the reasons I fell in love with you.”


  15. would seriously suck if jerry seinfeld made out with his girlfriend during this movie as well because its a serious topic

  16. I feel like I lost a lot by seeing this not in its original French language.

  17. I can’t believe there is a clip where that man asks, “You know about the Holocaust?”. No, we don’t. What is that again?

  18. who da fuuukk is da arcade faya? some sorta vidya game?

  19. Everything is bad about this, but another bad thing is he sounds exactly like this schizophrenic asshole that comes in where I work every day.

  20. John Powers (on Fresh Air) said it was the weirdest movie he ever saw and no one liked it at Cannes but no one could leave because it was mesmerizing how it kept getting weirder and weirder.

  21. I thought that looked pretty interesting, actually. The movie may turn out silly, but I’ve certainly never seen a film about an aging goth rocker looking for a Nazi war criminal before.

    • I’m actually with you here. It might be awful, no one will be surprised if it’s awful, but I just feel like being cautiously optimistic for now.

  22. I want to see this! I like Sean Penn, I like Paolo Sorrentino, I like David Byrne and I like Robert Smith! And I don’t like Arcade Fire!

  23. I think the most ridiculous assumption this movie makes is that an 8-year-old has any fucking clue who Arcade Fire is.

  24. This movie was actually filmed in my neighborhood. I’d try and look for my house in it but…I just saw the trailer.

  25. Shoot, I thought this was the sequel to the Crow.


    I tide fashion Good-looking, not expensive Free transport

  27. Wow, Emo Phillips looks terrible you guys.

  28. Trailer B shots have started leaking already.

  29. Never go full retard.

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