• Mark Zuckerberg-passing-the-note meme is a very good meme that we can all enjoy together. -Uproxx
  • Katie Holmes buys maternity clothes for her 5-year-old daughter, like any normal mom. Remember when she was just on Dawson’s Creek? -Dlisted
  • Harry Potter movie is already breaking records and making zillions of dollars. Ugh I wish I were getting a piece of that money somehow. That would be so good!  -AV Club
  • Watch Patton Oswalt in this five second movie. It will take you LITERALLY five seconds. Once you get to the page and load the video. The whole video itself is I think eight seconds but cut me a break, the movie part is five seconds. Are you watching it yet? You could’ve watched it by now. -FilmDrunk
  • I’m sure this bit of news has gotten to you already via your google alert on “planking,” but here is a video of Tom Green planking in 1994.  The same year Kurt Cobain died. COINCIDENCE? -TheDailyWhat
  • I guess Mila Kunis is not actually going on that Marine date? Ugh, Mila! Come on don’t be a B. -Gawker
  • But now Justin Timberlake is invited to the Marine thing by a girl Marine (a “Marinne,” I believe). You should go, Justin! You love doing everything! -Celebuzz
  • Is Reese Witherspoon pregnant? I don’t know, IS SHE? -The Superficial
  • Edward Norton may play the villain in the Bourne Legacy. That would be great! I haven’t seen that guy in a movie in a while, it seems. Though I probably won’t see the Bourne Legacy anyway. Be in a different movie! -HuffPo
  • Look at Dakota Fanning with short hair! Don’t you always wish that you could just have really short hair, ladies? I would like to do that but I’d look like a moonfaced boy. I can’t even pull my hair back in a ponytail without looking like a precog. The world is a vampire!  -Just Jared
  • Another installment of bad movies Movieline loves: Orange County. I saw that in theaters! Impressed?? -Movieline
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  1. On an unrelated note, does anybody ever call you Kelly Convoy, and then proceed to say “Ain’t she a beautiful sight?” Because if not, DIBS!

  2. Kelly, after 31 years of having long hair because I thought I’d look like a moonfaced boy if I cut it, and going around all jealous of the pixie-cut darlings, I just went and did it, and it’s fantastic. As my hairdresser says, everyone knows what your head looks like; stop being a baby.

  3. Who is “Edward Nortan” and is he at all related to Edward Norton? Guess who just got zinged in the comments section

  4. So Dlisted is basically a tabloid for people who don’t want to admit that they read tabloids, right?

  5. I made this for you guys:

  6. I didn’t know Orange County was considered a bad movie. Wasn’t it generally pretty well-received?

  7. If anyone’s paying attention, more ladies with pixie cuts, please. It is a great look.

  8. i genuinely love ‘Orange County’ and would never call it a “bad movie.” how dare they!

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