R.I.P. Planking (2011-2011).

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  1. You forgot to add “Thanks for the tip, Kelly!”

  2. RIP Planking. We hardly knew thee. Literally.

  3. “I’m planking…well then waddya do?”

    Those words were more profound than he realizes.

    • “Well then whaddya do?” is the question I have about every single meme that has ever existed. Richard Simmons, wise beyond his years.

  4. Ha ha, he’s planking. Now, can we discuss what the fuck he’s wearing?

  5. Before planking dies completely, can we get a page where we monsters all post pictures of ourselves planking?

  6. Now that planking is through, I think it’s time for buggering to make a comeback.

  7. Whoever was the inventor of this planking thing is probably considered some sort of demi-god in certain Google+ circles. But I think it’s even more impressive to be the very last person to do it. As far as I know, Richard Simmons is that person. Kudos.

  8. Plank and gay.

  9. I think this is a prime opportunity for some enterprising young monster to invent meme mashups. Let’s get deal with it dot gif sunglasses on a planking Richard Simmons, with a lolcat caption underneath.

  10. I’m gonna drink this here Smirnoff Ice in your memory planking. Rest in peace man…


  11. Gross. I think I’m actually disgusted by those seven seconds. So gross.

  12. Is “planking” what Mormons do when they can’t find anyone to “soak” with?

  13. WHAT? He’s not even fucking doing it right!

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