An alternate title for this video might also be “Right On Time.” (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)

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  1. The YouTube description is quite wonderful as well:

    singing a duet w/ myself nbd

    ya i’m aware aladdin doesn’t have a mustache fuk off i didn’t know how else to show that i was a gUY and this couldve been a lot better but i was getting pissed at my computer so ya luv me or h8 me still an obsession ;-) ))

    song obv not mine lol credit 2 disney’s aladdin sound track yeeee! am i doing this copy right stuff right idk i dont even care

  2. That’s ultimately what happens when you decide to paint your kid’s room that color of green.

  3. Is there anything Pomplamoose WONT cover?!

  4. You don’t see enough quality Frieda Kahlo lip dubs these days. I applaud and support this.

  5. Yikes. I can almost see her lisping through those braces. *sigh* Being a teenager… :-/

  6. I challenge anybody to listen to the words to that song and tell me it is not about sex.

  7. Hype Williams isn’t even trying any more.

  8. Now, I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure she shouldn’t be using that word. And by “that word” I mean “compliment”

  9. Hey, she (he?) is more in sync than Keenan. (KEENAN!)

  10. Is that…is that a penis-shaped height chart on her door?

  11. This girl should totally do ‘Everybody Wants to be a Cat’ next. EW2BAC please!

  12. Megan loves Kelly!

    • I love the fast food cup attached to her wall. That reminds me of being a teen and saving random pieces of trash because there were memories attached. I’m sure that cup represents something very significant.

  13. every day i am grateful that the internet as we know it did not exist when i was in middle school or high school. every day.

    • Oh god yes. When I was a kid my best friend and I taped a “radio show” over old cassettes (hahaha I am so old I could cry) and thought we were so hilarious and brilliant and talented at British accents. I’m cringing hard just thinking about it and I don’t even remember most of the actual content.

    • I absolutely had dreams of singing this song as a duet with some unknown but clearly handsome and awesome boy at my 6th grade talent show. Thankfully, even when I was 12, the best technology I could get was a little cheap webcam that only took still photos. I know how you feel.

  14. Awww, guys. I don’t know about this. This is a fairly creative way for a teenager to kill time? And it’s a teenager, so maybe we should be nice?

    When I was 12 I wrote a fake biography of myself as a superstar baseball player and even designed baseball cards with my totally made up statistics and contract information. I was proud of it! What if I put that on the Internet only to have the best website on the world wide web make fun of me? Let’s give her a break. This is cute.

    Except for the n-word stuff. Someone should leave a comment on her Youtube account on why that is not ok. Teenagers need the constructive criticism!

  15. another alternate title for this video might be “EYEBROWS”


    I tide fashion Good-looking, not expensive Free transport

    • Look buddy, no one here is accusing you of tiding expensive Free transport. You want to hang out? Fine. But you seriously need to get over this martyr complex because it’s killing our videobuzz.

  17. lol!
    like that? check out this one
    gets really good around the 3 minute mark. :)

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