Today is Topher Grace’s birthday.

Happy birthday, Topher Grace.

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  1. Where does he get his birthday gift ideas?

  2. Welcome to being thirty-three, Topher! If your life is exactly like mine (probable), this year you’re going to slip on some ice and completely ruin your elbow!

  3. “Happy Birthday, Topher. Thanks for giving us an entirely new way of shortening our names.” — America’s Christophers.

  4. Well, at least we know what’s up with Topher Grace today.

  5. his old buddy Kutch celebrated by throwing up in his pool after shouting, “TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT!”

  6. ¡Feliz cumpleaños desde España, Topher! Fun birthday fact: if Topher were Spanish, his name would be “Tóbal”.

  7. Topher: I think Gabe should celebrate my birthday by eventually including Valentine’s Day in the Hunt. What do you think, Anne?
    Anne: I think I’m nearing Nic Cage/Robin Williams status in the Hunt, so I hope he chooses to decimate this shitshow we both participated in sooner rather than later.


  8. His friends should make him watch “Take Me Home Tonight” 33 times

  9. Happy Eirc ForMAN

  10. Happy Birthday Topher! Your birthday is probably also no one else’s birthday that I can think of! Enjoy yourself!

  11. I had to come out of hiding just to wish my avatar inspiration a Happy Birthday!
    RIP WUWTG. You are sorely missed. Never Forget.

  12. The subtlety of Nermal in the background of this card is unmatched. The same could be said about Topher’s film and TV career.

  13. ‘I almost didn’t get any birthday wishes because nobody know what was up with me” – Topher Grace

  14. I’m sure a lot has changed for him since he left ‘that 70′s show’–unfortunately hanging out with his friends in his parent’s basement probably hasn’t. *fist pump*

    dude’s had it coming for a while. I mean, have you seen the movie’s he’s been in?!


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