Last night, the first teaser poster (not to be confused with just, you know, a poster) was released for The Dark Knight Rises. It’s not much, but WE WILL ALL TAKE WHAT WE CAN GET AND WE WILL LIKE IT.

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  1. So that bat symbol is created by shattering the buildings around it? Doesn’t seem very superheroic to me.

  2. It won’t load for me! This is the worst tease ever!

  3. Here’s a mirror for you all that can’t view the poster.

  4. BOOM goes the Batnamite am I right you guys? No but really this looks fun.

  5. Hold on, is Batman 3 also Inception 2?

  6. Gotham City has weird architecture. Those city fathers must regret shelling out for Le Corbusier, amirite?

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