Ziplines are very fun. I’m almost positive that I have been on one before and that it was very fun. I’m trying to think of the exact occasion, but I’m actually having some trouble. So it’s possible that I’ve only invented a memory of once being on a zipline. But it feels very real! So who knows. Maybe they aren’t fun at all and I just have no idea. In any case, this video. I don’t understand what is going on in this video. Not because it’s weird that you would be on a zipline at your wedding, because obviously that is one of the normal wedding things you can do, but just…What point is this in the wedding? Are they ziplining into the ceremony? Or the reception? Why is everyone dressed so casually? Is this not a part of the wedding at all and they just put on their wedding clothes so they could zipline in them? Another curious thing is this other video of people ziplining in their wedding clothes with people dressed casually around them. People! You’re going to a zipline wedding, I think! Just because it’s a zipline wedding doesn’t mean you can dress like you’re mowing the lawn! Have some respect! (Via HuffPo.)

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  1. I always wondered what Kevin Mcallister’s adult life was like.

  2. I’m more confused by where they are since it kind of looks like a golf course, with no holes, and a random picnic table.

  3. I suspect Vincent Vaughn is behind this.

  4. That groom should know better. It’s customary to wait until the wedding night to take the bride from behind. #sorrysorrysorrysorry

  5. Now that’s how you crash a wedding…….. Very lazy today, time to go to work.

  6. “Guys, can we hurry this up? I have a bungee christening at 2:00 p.m.” — Monsignor Paul “DoubleWide” McMasters: EXTREME Minister.

  7. I’m more interested in the commentator. Another classic entry for “Bros in The Right Place at the Right Time.”

  8. I’m no zipline safety expert, but i’m fairly certain that one should have a better safety plan than “hanging on” to a “thing”. Especially when ziplining from high places to low places. Over water bodies. Eh. it’s your funeral, i guess…because you died ziplining at your wedding.

  9. What a spectacularly pinheaded idea!

  10. i have a couple different friends who know the bride. this is my new claim to internet fame.

  11. #1 thing you don’t want to hear at your wedding: I’m gonna YouTube that shit!

  12. One time I went to a wedding that was, like, a sports wedding. As in, it was held in the park and it was pretty much all “dress casual” but there was a weird mix of people in khakis and suit jackets and people in, like, Spreewell jerseys (that Spreewell, always popular) and I was sort of in between in like a beach dress and sneakers and… and it’s just…it’s just one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever been to and I’m kind of having a hard time articulating exactly how I felt about it and I’m so glad I killed and ate the boyfriend who brought me to that.


    The moral of the story is Weddings are FORMAL!

    • NOT if you’re getting married on what appears to be a sand pit. If your friends want to get married at an obstacle course/lake/sandpit. Let them. But don’t spend $$$ on a suit/dress. I’d say flip flops and shorts is totally the way. Shirt optional.

    • i went to a wedding on a lake one time. some boats took the wedding party out as the “limo ride” “just married” type deal. the “captain” of this average “let’s go tubing” style boat was in a blue speedo but said he’d “keep it classy, b/c this is a wedding afterall” and get his “sunday best on” for the reception. apparently that “sunday best” to this guy is a sleeveless white skin-tight under armor shirt and white jean shorts. think i’m kidding?

  13. This is me on a zipline. Yes, they are magical.

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