Good morning, babies, time to wake up! Oh, there you are. Whoops, we lost you. Babies? Wake up, babies! It’s a brand new day. Hi! Look at you! Annnnnd we lost you again. Babiiiiiiies. Oh, babiiiiiiiiies. Time to wake uuuuuuuuuup. BABIES! Don’t you want to get up and do stuff today, babies? We’ve got a whole week ahead of us full of magic and excitement. Would I lie to a baby? Now if you’ll just wake up, we can get going. There we go. Rise and shine! Good morning! Aren’t you a happy looking ba–and she’s asleep. Hahaha. Every time these babies wake up they just fall right back asleep. Oh babies. Don’t worry, babies, I GET IT. Today we are all babies, etc. But also, come on now. Get it together. YOU ARE GOING TO GET FIRED FROM YOUR BABY JOB IF YOU KEEP IT UP AND THEN YOU WILL BE ON THE BABY DOLE. (Or is this how babies get promoted? Regional Vice Baby of the Cute Department.)

Very cute. Very unprofessional. (Via ViralVideos.)

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  1. I am not in a place to determine the sexual orientation of this video, so I do not know whether or not it is gay, but it is for sure fake. That’s not how babies wake up. As any parent out there could tell you, a REAL video of a baby waking up would involve a terrifying combination of screaming and crying and would take place at 1:30 in the morning.

    • facetaco – you are so wrong – my granddaughter is 16 months old, and if there is someone around when she wakes up, this is EXACTLY how she wakes – only yells when noone is around, or noone comes after she’s been awake a couple of minutes.

  2. This reminded me of fainting kittens and I got kind of sad. Please don’t tell me there’s a fainting kittens/slow loris post script story on this one.

  3. Was this post just designed to make us jealous? I so badly want to trade places with that baby right now. Minus the camera in my face, of course.

  4. Roofies.

  5. Remember everyone, buzzed baby sleeping is DRUNK baby sleeping. #DrunkBaby

    P.S. RRRGH this is so CUTE.

  6. She really wants to wake up and smile for us and make us happy, but her head is so heavy and her bed is sooooo soft…..

  7. This is me most nights. Minus the smiling.

  8. Why can’t the Korean kids I teach be that sleepy? Nap time sounds so much better than scream-while-punching-Tyler-teacher time.

  9. I can’t be the only one who noticed the completely immodest baby cleavage in this video.

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  11. i think ten years from now kids in school won’t brag about sport accomplishments or high test scores, they’ll just gloat about which cute baby video their parents posted of them online. or they’ll all have intense plastic surgery by age five because they’re so humiliated.

  12. Baby’s definitely been reading 7 Habits of Highly Sleepy Babies.

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