Space is the place, you guys. NEVER FORGET THAT.

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  1. Let me know when the Doctor shows up.

  2. What happened to all the chopsticks?! I was just working out a fantastic* joke involving a Chet Haze/Tom Hanks In Big/Old Lady With Chopsticks connection!

    *Not Fantastic

  3. oh my what happened to Kelly’s chopstick post??? did i hallucinate that? anyone?

  4. I will! Katydid, I expect you to represent for VG. Is it too late to sneak Topher Grace aboard?

    Also, space is rad. And Quasars are double rad. It’s just so fun to say.

  5. I am so hot right now in this suit!

  6. On the NASA channel, they did a “t-minus” countdown to five minutes.

  7. OMG – They’re lifting the cap on the big orange thing. I am so nervous!


    Listening to this while watching the countdown, trying not to cry at my desk,

  9. I have a feeling NASA will be back, and will probably end up making an album with Kanye West.

  10. did anyone else just shit their pants when they said “we have a failure” at 31 seconds?

  11. …did they just do a countdown for the countdown?

  12. Sure, they’re going into space or whatever, but I’ve been in a blimp! Your move, astronauts.

  13. I am totally going to be late for work for watching this.

    If anyone gets on my case about it, I will politely inform them that being a check-out girl at a shoddily run, overpriced grocery store simply cannot compete with outer fucking space.

  14. That shit is terrifying.

  15. “Go for the plus-x, go for the pitch.”

    I wish I had a job where I heard stuff like that.

  16. I can’t explain how sad this makes me. I am torn between my skepticism of Carl Saganian progress and my skepticism of peak oil and Malthusian collapse. My greatest regret about not being immortal is that I will never live see if we make it to the stars. When we had a space program, I could put that worry aside, but now I feel like I need to write science fiction and inspire a generation of children all over again, all by myself, and I am made even sadder because I’m not capable of doing that.

    • Yeah it’s sad. Hopefully nasa will refocus now on longer range missions and leave the low earth orbit stuff to private companies. But they canceled constellation, and now congress is proposing cutting nasa’s budget by $2 billion. It’s rough times for nasa. Hopefully they can get their groove back.

      One of my earliest memories is watching the first shuttle launch, so it’s sad to outlive it.

  17. I liked it better when Billy Crystal was hosting these.

  18. Holy Moly! That launch was way stressful. Guys, i can’t believe it launched. The weather was so unbelievably iffy with changing reports every ten minutes.Then the 31 second stop, Wow! My stomach is still in my throat.

    I am proud that we have a space program capable of such incredible things. *raises her glass* Here’s to even more to come. To the MOON!*

    *or an asteroid, or a deep space habitat, or mars….

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