OH! OH! This, uh, ehr, what I mean to say is, shoot, uhhh, you know, this isn’t….Look, not everyone, hmmm, not everyone, ugh, do you know what I mea–the thing about…OK, so, the thing…the thing about…ACK! ACK! Ummm, no one will ever, like, hmmm, if you can just…when you…this, uhhh, this nightmare…wait, oh, no. Not making. No. Fun of him, this is OH OH really how I OH ummm…feel…a lot, err, of the…Never mind. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)

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  1. Pretty much me asking out a girl at any point in the first 30 years of my life. :(

  2. That would for sure be me if I were ever on Baby Jeopardy. They rejected my application, though. Ageists.

  3. At first I read the headline as Jeopardy Nell, which actually sorta works here.

  4. To be fair, the answer made no mention of pizza.

  5. Counterpoint for Neil:

  6. I give the kid credit. He had a winning strategy. I’m pretty sure he was about to ask for either a definition or to hear the word used in a sentence. If he could have suckered Alex into either of those, I’m positive he would have gotten it correct.

    Which leads me to a question of my own. I’ve watched Jeopardy a time or two, and everyone’s “question” always starts with “what is” or “who is”. You can ask any type of question, right? I would love to hear “Alex, would you please bring me a tombstone” or “Has anyone seen my grandmother’s tombstone?”*

    *answer: no – she was cremated.

  7. I love that he says “never mind” at the end.

  8. At which point Alex Trebeck says to Neil, “You son of a bitch, don’t you ever waste my and everyone else’s time like that again. C’mon now, say you’re sorry. Give everyone the apology they deserve.” *disappointed stare*

  9. And he’s the only one who didn’t put a smiley face with his name.

  10. At least Neil didn’t go into a Cindy Brady trance on camera:

  11. ever so often i start thinking about how i should go on jeopardy to win mad cash, since i feel that i could do well, but then i remember my paralyzing stage fright and fragile intellectual ego, and i wise up. basically put a mullet and some boobs on neil (gross!) and that’s probably how i would do.

  12. I saw this whole episode and Neil was screwing up for pretty much the entire time: stuttering on his answers, forgetting pick a category when he gets something right and seeming to forget his answer as the camera pans to him. It was so nice of Alex and the crowd to keep encouraging the kid as he got his shit together in the end.

    Though the people in Planet Fitness probably thought I was a lunatic for yelling “CMON FAT NEIL GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!” while riding hard on an elliptical.

  13. yeah…this whole episode was hard to watch because he was so nervous. When Neil finally got a double Jeopardy Alex actually said “Neil, RELAX!” and those magic words got him through the rest of the game. Good job Trebek!

  14. - Here, let’s try this again Neil: A brand of frozen pizza often enjoyed by you, Neil.
    - What is a Tombstone?
    - Yes, congratulations.

    Pretty sure I just made fun of this kid for being chubby. Hell, party of one! (Me)

  15. Yeah I saw this whole episode as well and me and my grandma got into an extended discussion (again) about how nerves is the biggest enemy of any Jeopardy contestant and how once you see the adult players start nervously shaking their buzzer they are essentially in the same flustered mind-state as Neil.

    The saddest part of the night is when some question was asked about when some part of the constitution was added, and the correct answer was “the Bill of Rights” and Neil’s answer was “Congress” and it was so sad cos that is just a bad answer!

    Also, during the credits the parents came up and Niel parent’s were hugging him and stuff and my grandma goes “What are they so proud of him for?” :(

  16. I caught the last 10 minutes of this episode, and here’s what I saw:

    - The Neil Daily Double when Alex told him to relax.
    - Emma answer “What is The Revolutionary War?” for a question about the Liberty Bell ringing in 1763 to mark the end of The French and Indian War. Which by the way had another classic Neil moment.
    - Brooke answer “What is segregation?” to the Final Jeopardy question about a Naval Officer from New Zealand placing the final signature on the document to end World War II.

    Someone please tell me this whole episode is available to watch somewhere!

  17. From your comments looks like you are the expert in this subject; it would be interesting to know what you achieved when you were just 12 year young, and what you have achieved since then in your REAL life.

    - With all your wisdom, why don’t you try to be on Jeopardy! We will see if you can pull back like this kid did.

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