Cute child: check. Cute cat: check. TRAMPOLINE: DOUBLE CHECK. There are only a few missing elements that would make this the singularity of Internet videos, i.e. the point at which Internet videos become so self-aware that they take over…blogs? I don’t know. I should have planned that metaphor out in advance! Anyway, here are a few elements that someone should fix in post to make this a “perfect” Internet video:

  • The soundtrack should feature an a capella cover of The Legend of Zelda theme song.
  • Deal with it GIF sunglasses should descend over the cat’s face and at the bottom it should say “Deal with it.”
  • Either the child or the cat should fall off of the trampoline. Preferably both.

That’s it! Like I said, we were really close! (Via Arbroath.)

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  1. If the cat were to fart it would make this video AT LEAST 5 times better.

  2. Gabe, I come to Videogum for one reason. It is the same reason anybody else visits this site. It is your job to give your readers what they want. So if you post a video involving a trampoline, there sure better be an accident involved. I feel so cheated.


  4. I haven’t been on here in a while, do we still call something like this “Fake and Gay”?

    Should the top rated comment on this video be “Upvote if you Justin Bieber’s dick 99% of these 12 people didn’t like METALLICA ROOLZ!”

  5. It would be pretty cool if an enormous cat, maybe a mountain lion, jumped onto the trampoline and started bouncing next to the girl.

  6. All of Gabe’s suggestions as to how this could be made even more perfect are sound and hilarious. I would like to add that a YouTube comment proclaiming this video ‘Fake’ and/or ‘Gay’ (preferably both!) would improve the Interneticity of it even more.

    I like to think the cat is of two minds regarding its situation. ‘This is awesome! Also this is awful. My stomach! But also the sensory overload is amazing! It’s like catnip times a thousand! TRAMPOLINE!’ Poor cat, it knows not what is best for itself.

  7. Cat: enough, Enough, ENOUGH!
    Me: enough, Enough, ENOUGH! I don’t think I enjoy the internet anymore.

    Well I will see you guys in like 20 minutes to talk about the internet some more.

  8. Garfield? More like … Chillfield! Am I right, fowks?!

  9. Now all I can think is how great it would be WITH the Legend of Zelda theme. I mean, it’s a fine video, but it could have Zelda!

  10. “The little girl is really doing her job. Ha. Best 5 bucks I ever spent.” — That Family’s Dog.

  11. Kitties are so nice
    Kitties are so nice
    Get them down
    Spin them round
    Tickle their bellies (not once but) twice!
    Kitties are so nice!

  12. The results were a lot less funny when the put her baby brother on the trampoline too…

    It’s not too early for a shaken baby syndome joke, right?

  13. Ooooh I really would love to see an animated gif of that cat bouncing, cropped tight so it’s out of context.

    Please, internet?

  14. Am I the only person seeing a big blank space where a video should be?


    • I have been experiencing this all week using Chrome (With ALL Sites that embed youtube videos…) I have had to start using firefox (VOMIT) to counteract this.

  15. That’ll do, Internet. That’ll do.

  16. Geez, cat. At least TRY to do a somersault.

  17. What codec do I need to install???? I thought I was all primed for both the Apocalypse (water bottles and trail mix) and the coming of the perfect internet video (Flash plugin), and yet I see nothing but empty, white space.

  18. Actually the perfect internet video situation is not being able to fucking see it because you know, you’re at work, and work has firewalls and filtering and then you go all the way down to IT to request if they can let you see videos on your computer, and they ask “why applesinthebasket, what video?” and then you show them this post and then their just like “Get the fuck out of my office”.

  19. Guys, I made you something. This is the best I could do, Gabe. Two out of three? Eh, that ain’t bad.

  20. I can’t tell if that cat is scared shitless, having a blast, and/or both.

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