Over the past few weeks there have been rumors circulating about James Spader joining the cast of The Office, and today it was officially announced that “Robert California” will return as Sabre’s CEO. Which I’m sure will be fine! Maybe even good!

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  1. Correctiongum: He’s the new Sabre CEO (Kathy Bates’ character), not the new branch manager.

  2. Looks like John Krasinski is finally going to have some competition in the “who can stare blankly at the camera the best” contest.

  3. I hope they get Maggie Gyllenhaal to play his secretary.

  4. I will gladly trade Bates’ exhausting sassiness for Spader’s brilliant creepiness. “Everything is sex.”

  5. DENNY CRANE! (or in this case Alan Shore….doesnt have the same ring)


    But Im still not watching

  7. His 5 minutes on last seasons Office finale may have been the greatest TV moment of all of last year.

    • Yeah, he was great, by far the best of the group, which was quite an interesting group, what when they decided to throw Warren Buffet in the mix.

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