The question I pose to you is this: can you think of a worse idea?

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  1. There are ALWAYS worse ideas.

    Spike Lee remaking Birth Of A Nation

    Spike Lee remaking An American Tale: Feivel Goes West

    Michael Bay remaking Do The Right Thing

    • Spike Lee remaking Birth of a Nation is a GREAT idea.

    • Spike Lee remaking Hellboy, which I thought was happening when I glanced at this title

    • Michael Bay making any movie.

      Also, The Smurf Movie.

      That said, Michael Bay making a Smurfs movie is strangely intriguing.

      • Papa Smurf, played by Academy Award-Winner Jon Voight
        Smurfette, played by Megan Fox or believable lookalike
        Hefty Smurf, played by Jack Black
        Brainy Smurf, played by Academy Award-Winner Ben Affleck
        Grouchy Smurf, also played by Academy Award-Winner Ben Affleck
        Dreamy Smurf, played by Emmy- and Tony Award-winner John Lithgow
        Clumsy Smurf, played Gweneth Paltrow for whatever reason
        Chef Smurf, played by Joe Pantoliano (credited as Joey Pants)

  2. i’m trying to think of a good visual analogy to describe what a remake would be like to the original. i would imagine it would involve a lot of violent, bloody skull smashing and a crazy dude with a hammer, but i can’t put one together.

  3. Oldboyz in Da Hood

  4. Liam Neeson is Oldboy. A Spike Lee joint.

  5. Worse idea: Steven Spielberg makes a motion capture version of Tintin.

  6. spielberg and will smith were once attached to it, that was A LOT worse. the twist at the end was he really slept with E.T.

  7. I heard that they want to remake Back to the Future with Justin Beiber. I’m not sure if it’s real or something my friends told me while drunk to freak me out. I’m afraid to search because if it’s true, I might have to burn something down.

    • Forget you burning something down, we would all have to burn something down until there is nothing left to burn down except each other and ourselves. Back to the Post-Apocalypse Future, is more like it.

  8. He was inside the bank the whole time.

  9. hey, at least that muthafucka quentin tarantino isnt attached to direct? theres a sigh of relief.

  10. If Spike Lee signs on to remake Oldboy, I will imprison him for 15 years, release him into the wild with no explanation, and then hypnotize him so that he makes love to his own virgin daughter. The fucker.

  11. This Celeste Pizza For One I just ate.

  12. Guys, if The Powers that Be are determined to remake Oldboy… Spike Lee is a wicked interesting choice that I can get on board with.

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