There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning, late as usual, looking in the mirror, and realizing that — due to your face — it’s going to be at least another 45 to 100 minutes before you can leave your house. “I can’t believe how much stuff I have to put on my face right now and how long it will take,” you think, very nearly in tears. “If only I could have done this all in advance, then I wouldn’t be in this jam. I’m not usually the type of person who puts things off until the last second, but I feel like with this specific thing there’s no real way of getting around that. Like with eating or dressing yourself or showering. You just have to do it regularly and you can’t really get around it — there isn’t a solution.”

Well, people with faces, you’re wrong! You’re all so dumb! I’d now like to present you with a solution in the form of a short film titled Natural Beauty by directing duo Lernert & Sander:

See? Who’s a pretty girl! I’ve been using this technique — applying 365 layers of makeup over the course of a few hours one day a year — for years and it has never failed once. Every day is perfection. “How do you stay so naturally beautiful, Kelly? You never seem to apply any makeup,” people always ask. “Oh, I don’t know,” I respond with a wink. “Why is your eye sticking together like that?” they ask. “Can you call a doctor?” I reply. (Via io9.)

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  1. She is going to need some make-up to cover that up because it looks HORRIBLE!

  2. So deep. Just kidding, i could astound you with a short film titled “A years worth of pee” and show you a ton of piss. Yeah, we get it art, we consume consumables.

  3. She’s married to an alligator and he finds it quite attractive

  4. Honestly, it’s still better than my makeup looks today. Damn you, heat!

  5. you could put Explosions in the Sky [or their non-union Mexican equivalent Pow Pows en la Cielo] as the soundtrack to a slow-motion iguana farting in the bathtub and it would feel just as profound.

  6. There’s a weird baby/vagina thing that’s going on here that is making me a little uncomfortable.

    No? Just me? #artissubjective

  7. Not pictured: a year’s worth of banging out with hot dudes.


    I tide fashion Good-looking, not expensive Free transport

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