Allo, guv’nah, moy nahme is Dohnahld Draypah. Wouldn’t yah loike an oice-cohld kyan of Coar’s Loite? Mate? Oy! (I’m an account executive at the boutique firm Totally And Nailed It.)

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  1. Except over there, he’s called Jean Claude Van Bloody.

  2. ….um…..i…uh….uh….i don’t get it.

  3. Jean Claude Van Damme’s MacGruber audition

  4. Now Larry the Cable Guy has to make a Perrier commercial.

  5. Damme it! Now, my pants are tight.

  6. everybody’s gotta be surreal and absurd and sort-of funny now. even retarded republican piss-beer companies are weird now.

    i guess it’s cooler than using tits and farting horses to sell beer. it’s making everything too easy and not that funny though.

  7. Is this commercial British or British Columbian? Mullet? Snow? Canadian tuxedo? Your honor, I rest my case. (In Orlando, they’d prob still say there isn’t enough evidence…)

  8. Uh, this is so blatantly ripping off the Dos Equis guy it’s embarrassing.

  9. What copywriter came up with the idea to sell a beer’s temperature? Every single Coors commercial I can remember centers around the idea that it is really, really cold. That’s not an exaggeration. And I kinda don’t get it? I mean, isn’t it my call how cold my Coors Light is? Isn’t it like saying your frozen pizza is really hot when you warm it up*?

    I’m sure this is not an original observation, but the advertising industry frightens and confuses me for reasons such as this.

    *Good example.

    • Drink a cold ass coors bro, it’s great. Also this is my favorite beer (college) so i like this

      • The trick is to make the beer so cold that ice crystals form and then filter crystals from the beer to get a higher alcohol content. It’s called “ice beer” or “fractional freezing”. The big problem for Coors is that they tend to sell the separated water.

        That’s why they need superstars like Jean-Claude to push their product based on how fucking cold it is.

    • Well it has to be cold enough that you freeze your tongue or you might find out how terrible it tastes…

  10. So I can’t turn on my speakers (at work) but I just wanted to say I watched JCVD over the weekend and it was kind of amazing. Consider me a Jean Claude fan.


    I tide fashion Good-looking, not expensive Free transport

  12. My name is Commander Shepard and this is my favorite commercial on television.

  13. I like this TV commercial very much like Real Story About Mortality and Freedom.

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