Did you eat hot dogs yesterday? Well, you did not eat enough hot dogs. You might as well have not eaten any at all if you’re not going to really TRY. Joey Chestnut tried. Joey Chestnut tried and succeeded. From the New York Daily News:

Chestnut, the certified champ, choked down 62 dogs and water-soaked buns on the official Nathan’s Famous stage – falling short of his 2009 world record of 68 dogs but ending with a healthy nine dog lead over her nearest competitor Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti.

Kobayashi, who was ineligible to compete in the beloved Brooklyn contest because he won’t sign an exclusive contract with Major League Eating, put away 69 dogs purchased earlier in the day from the South Street Seaport Nathan’s.

This is Joey Chestnut’s fifth consecutive win of the meaningful title. Meanwhile, Takeru Kobayashi continues to tarnish his reputation in self-imposed exile (although at least this year he didn’t get ARRESTED like he did last year, also LOL to all of this OBVIOUSLY). Video after the jump of Joey Chestnut’s REGULATION victory as well as the pink belt (pink belt!) won by female competitive eater Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas for destroying 40 hot dogs in 10 minutes:

I also like this part from the Daily News article:

Steve Greenberg owns the rooftop bar that hosted the splinter event and said he paid Kobayashi an appearance fee. He showed his Nathan’s receipt to prove the dogs were regulation.

“They (Nathan’s) didn’t know we were doing it…They would have filled the hotdogs with lead if they did,” Greenberg, who owns the venue called 230 Fifth, told the News.

Haha, yeah. They would have FILLED THE HOTDOGS WITH LEAD. Hahaha. That is definitely what they would have done. Between this and the sweaty interviews with people chugging entire bottles of Pepto Bismol and all of it, it’s just nice to know that our annual tradition of watching people eating all the hot dogs dipped in water and then giving them prizes remains as real as ever. These guys know what I’m talking about:

“We are huge Joey Chestnut fans! We love him and we love clean drinking water!”

See you next year!

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  1. I would probably prefer lead to whatever godawful substance hotdogs are really filled with.

  2. Um, how about congratulations to first runner up Pat Berteletti who wore a HENDERSON! headband in honor of Sklarbro Country! Way to go Pat!

  3. I was on an airplane yesterday that had the TVs in the seat backs with access to satellite TV. Very little good TV was on* so i decided to watch this contest. So, on the contest goes and I’m watching intently. With about a minute left, the Pilot comes on the PA system to announce something or other, but this makes the TV cut out, and from a far corner of the airplane you can hear a voice emit ever so softly, “motherfucker now we don’t know who gon win”. #America.

    *I had been oscillating between House of Payne (TBS very funny) and the Rocky Marathon on AMC

  4. Tim “The Nickname I Gave Myself is Eater X” Janus, as always, remains the worst.

  5. With a Name like “The Black Widow” you’d imagine she’s destroyed MANY more hot dogs

  6. A list of things in order of amazingocity –

    1. A hot dog eating contest
    2. Televising a hot dog eating contest
    3. Re-running the televised hot dog eating contest twice later that same day

  7. 69 hot dogs (and buns!) in 10 minutes seems unreal…

  8. Gabe, you forgot an integral part of yesterday’s events: GRILLMASTER NICK CANNON. Because obviously.

  9. Foodbank employee here. Obviously everything about this is sick and wrong and disgusting.

    But then again I am using foodbank time to leave a comment on Videogum. My high horse needs to be put down.

  10. “‘Healthy’ nine dog lead”?


  11. You won! How do you feel?

    Oh that’s dreadful.

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