You could describe this video two ways, either “the New York Police Department blows up 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks,” OR “great video.”

Every day is Independence Day, am I right, ladies? Ladies? (Via NYT.)

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  1. Did Katy Perry’s breasts make it into the pile?

  2. “This appeals to me for some reason.” – Michael Bay, probably.

  3. Good thing that barrier is there.

  4. “Nothing to see here. Move along, people, move along.”- NYPD

  5. Does anyone love fireworks? Because my favourite part of any holiday is all the puppies and all the babies and you know what they hate? Fireworks. And then they cry. And then I cry. And then Maggie laughs. Cause she’s such a little trooper.

  6. This reminds me of the end of the night when my dad would sweep all the firework debris and duds into a pile and start a tiny little bonfire that would crackle and sometimes explode violently sending fiery flakes of burning paper raining down on us.

  7. Needs more Lt. Dangle.

  8. Couldn’t they wait until nightfall?

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