From McSaprr’s official website:

Hot Dog Rock is the world’s first Rock Opera about hot dogs. McSAPRR is a brand new totally warped rock artist. McSAPRR is an anagram for Matt Chertkoff Sings and Plays Rock & Roll.The veteran guitarist/jazz rock sideman with the funny last name created this hilarious album as a present for America on it’s birthday (July 4th)!

Just in time for July, America’s beloved national hot dog month, McSAPRR is ready to rock the summer barbecue season with such anthems as: The Hot Dog Highway, Hot Dog Money, and Meat Pimp.


“Thank you for the present!” – America

USA! USA! COME ON PEOPLE, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? USA! USA! (Thanks for the tip, Jeff.)

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  2. Hot dogs are better than pizza? Fuck off, McSAPRR!

  3. “the world’s first Rock Opera about hot dogs”

    Another of my dreams is dead. I guess I’ll have to settle for having written the world’s second Rock Opera about hot dogs.

  4. My favorite part is the juxtaposition between the sexy dancing ladies and the line “When you eat a hot dog, you’ll be farting all day, and you’ll love it.” Who wants to go to Yesterdog with me tonight?

  5. I would just like to point out that it is also national Ice Cream appreciation month as well.

  6. a question you can apply to both this song/video and most hot dogs: “someone spent money to make this?”

  7. I wont let anyone tell me I shouldn’t eat no hot dog. I will eat them all of the time.

  8. Something something obligatory something this:

  9. I Could Have Danced All Nitrate #hotdogmusical

  10. That’s not an anagram! Or is it?

  11. Edelweiner

  12. This one time, this guy walked up to me and he was like “You shouldn’t eat no hot dogs.” and I was like “Hey, fuck you, buddy.”

  13. Is it racist to have the black guy holding up the sign that says “dog?” Why does he have to be the one “saying” dog?
    Oh America, you never disappoint!

    Also…how about hot dog/burger/other stuff? pizza……

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