• This is Zach Galifianakis in high school? -HuffPo
  • Film Drunk needs your help! Go tell them what your favorite dirty talk quotes from movies are. Don’t be shy. C’mon. -Film Drunk
  • Heart of Darkness and The Count of Monte Cristo movies are being developed, duh. “[Something that exists] movie is being developed.” Duh. -SlashFilm
  • Rod Serling movie is being developed. (Which I will absolutely no doubt see, TBH.) -UGO
  • The nine most scathing critical responses to Larry Crowne. Not included: “‘More like Very Frowne.’ -Kelly” -Movieline
  • Only Mila Kunis can wear both a strapless AND mermaid wedding dress and still look goooood. Right, women and men who think about this? I don’t like strapless or mermaid wedding dresses. Fashion talk. -Just Jared
  • Selena Gomez meets Shia LaBeouf, of whom she is a big fan, and it’s actually pretty cute. -The Superficial
  • Meet True Blood‘s newest vampire, Aaron Perilo. -Celebuzz
  • Dogs on swings, just swinging around. -The Daily What
  • America’s Next Great Restaurant turned out to be more like America’s Next Great RestaurNOT. I’ll be here all week, folks. -Warming Glow
  • Slate thinks it’s very important that Pixar’s Brave heroine has curly hair. Maybe you think that too? -Slate
  • A person with my exact same name REALLY likes cheesy potatoes. -The High Definite
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  1. Mila Kunis can wear anything and look good. She can wear nothing and look good, too. Just in case you’re reading this, Mila, I wanted you to know that that’s an option.

  2. Speaking of Tom Hanks everyone watched him on Conan last night right? It was great, he talked about Tom Hanks Animals but not Chet Haze, maybe next time

  3. A Heart of Darkness movie? Really? I mean, first of all Apocalypse Now. Secondly, Heart of Darkness is BORING!

  4. Before I clicked the link and realized that was a picture of Zach Galifianakis I thought that was a picture of Doogie Howser, true story.

  5. Yes! It is important that there’s a curly-haired Disney heroine! I, like that Slate author, had no curly-haired anything as a kid and it wasn’t until my early 20s that I finally learned to love my hair, and people STILL say things like “Wow, your hair is so curly, have you ever tried straightening it?” to which I have not once replied “Wow, your face is so stupid, have you ever tried punching it?” for which I think I deserve some kind of plastic trophy with a smug person on top.

  6. Mila Gomezanakis like cheesy Monte Cristos??? Frowne!!!! Too much news!

  7. A simple gif request – beard comes up, glasses come down over the zach pic, deal with it, etc. pleeeeeeease.

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