A show about former reality TV celebrities, terrorcore rap artists, and the Eliot Spitzer prostitute OPENING A RESTAURANT? Yes, please. Famous Food trailer, you guys:

Oh man, this show! Perfect. You just want to eat at a restaurant that was designed and planned by a whole slew of idiots. “This spaghetti salad with marshmallow croutons is delicious!” CHECK PLEASE! Get it? CHECK PLEASE, WAITER! “Sorry, sir, all of the waitstaff appears to be busy at the moment putting out a fire.” Oh no, is there trouble in the kitchen? “No, sir, it appears that Ashley Dupre set Three Six Mafia on fire in the parking lot.” PLEASE PACK YOUR DVR’S AND COME! As seen in Lucky Peach.

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  1. Gross. If I wanted to eat a garbage sandwich I would just go to McDonalds.

  2. Vincent Pastore’s gonna have some prettty stiff competition if he wants to keep his “Big Pussy” nickname.

  3. VH1! You have perfected Bravo’s formula! How this isn’t on Bravo, I’ll never know, but this looks PERFECT.

    “I’ll take 5!” – everyone

  4. Chicken sashimi for everyone!

  5. “Excuse me waitress? This sandwich tastes like sad, terrible, desperate, DESPERATE failure.”

  6. has reality TV finally dropped to the level of prostitution, or raised itself to it?

  7. Heidi Monte Cristo #famousfoodmenu

  8. “Why is Six Mafia stooping to this level?” – Thing that i just said/Thing that is true.

  9. maybe this is vh1′s critique of how the only growth industry for jobs really in the united states is the service industry? and this is just a “(washed up, pathetic) stars: they’re just like us” meta critique of how even those who once held the american dream in their glittery raccoon paws are now epically fucked?

    • There really is a symbiotic relationship between the service industry and reality tv. We had a lot of people on reality tv from PIttsburgh, enough that MTV and other trash shows regularly hold “casting calls” (lol). They are almost always held in a bar/ nightclub/ ridiculous restaraunt concept. People either work in a restaraunts because they are between jobs, getting an education, or trying to become famous.

  10. How can Heidi have the time for this AND her 14-hour workout? Impressive! Also impressive that she doesn’t just melt when she steps into a kitchen (you know, plastic surgery, plastic, plastic melts when heated).

  11. The whole point of this show is to have it coincide with an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, I’m sure of it.

  12. I’m starting to think* that VH1 and I have very different ideas of what celebrities are.

    *have always thought

  13. Yet again another clip that is not visible in Canada. And it’s Canada Day! Bah.

  14. Greatest show of all time or GREATEST of the greatest shows of all time?

    It basically looks like Jake Pavelka accidentally showed up to a weekly meeting of Table-flippers Anonymous held at an abadoned restaurant.

  15. I’ve got a mindblowing fact for you: I love trash television. Not all of it, just the worst trashiest of the trash. “Famous” Food, I am yours!

    • YES. I want to watch this so hard. I have a very unhealthy amusement about these awful VH1 shows, to the point that I auditioned for Real Chance of Love (but then backed out of going farther when I realized how difficult it would be to try to be on the show ironically. I think the promise of a nickname had a lot to do with it also, I’ve always wanted one but all the assholes I date insist on calling me by my actual name like I’m a person, so boring.).

    • I definitely will be watching as well. I will watch anything with Three 6 Mafia. Need I remind everyone that Three 6 Mafia are Oscar winners! Maybe if we are lucky Sugarfoor will make an appearance (everyone remember Sugarfoot?).

  16. If this restaurant ever sees the light of day, I have two words for you: VIDEOGUM. ROADTRIP.

  17. Just wanted to update everyone on “America’s Next Great Restaurant”. Apparantly is was so successful for NBC that the restaurant chain was closed! I know… I was as shocked as you. I doubt the winner of Famous Food will have any problems like this. No way!

  18. You know what’s great about this show?

    No, I am seriously asking. Does anyone know what’s great about this show?

    Is it weird that we’re immediately hoping Three Six Mafia win? Or Ashley Dupree? Like, a high cost escort knows how to look classy. That’s their whole job!* She’s going to destroy Heidi Surgeryface. That’s her name right?

    *That is not their whole job, if you know what I’m saying**

    **I am saying another part of their job is having sex.

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