• Megan Mullally talks about the possibility of Oprah playing Ron Swanson’s ex-wife on Parks & Rec, among other things that make you like her even though you don’t know her and probably never will, though who can say. -Celebuzz
  • Jason Batemen seems like he is a very nice man and we all like him a lot, again, without knowing him. Here is a NYTimes piece about him, his whole life, and Horrible Bosses. -NYTimes
  • It’s great to hear that your financial analyst is not under house arrest anymore, I’m sure it was very hard for her to work that way, congratulations to you both. -Dlisted
  • Everyone is so excited about this Chris Hansen news that it feels like we’re all vindicated pedophiles. “You’re the bad one!” Right? It is weird. -The Superficial
  • Emma Stone is charming and very cute in her Vanity Fair article, which is I’m sure the opposite of what we all expected. -Vanity Fair
  • Hannibal Buress is very funny and a fine interview subject. -AV Club
  • Neil Patrick Harris has an NPR t-shirt. The celebs are just like us, if we all have NPR t-shirts, which we may or may not! -Just Jared
  • New Van Damme movie has four record scratches in it! Also boobs. Also other things, here: -Film Drunk
  • Ways the pretty lady is objectified in the new Transformers movie. Awww she’s so preeetttyyy. -Vulture
  • The taiwanese animation chronicles of Shia LaBeouf. -Movieline
  • Stephen Colbert has been approved to form his own Super PAC. -The Daily What
  • It’s your last day to enter to win our True Blood items! Win them! -Videogum
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  1. Since it wasn’t mentioned here, I’d like to point out that MySpace was auctioned of for $35 million. That’s 6% of what Fox paid for it in 2006. Good investment, or best investment?

  2. I just think Chris Hansen getting caught cheating with a consenting adult is karma for him tricking all those would-be child rapists into going to jail. Reap what you sow, Chris Hansen, reap what you sow.

    • Ripped from the commeting lines of TMZ! But neds moar spelling errers.

    • Seriously, what?! Every website I came across today that linked to this story painted him as some sort of hypocrite. Because cheating on your wife with a 30-year-old woman is akin to sexually preying on children? That is some crazy-disturbing logic. I feel like the entire internet needs a chrishansen.jpg.

      • Thank you! I agree with this and with what Kelly said about it being like we’re all vindicated pedophiles. Everywhere I see this story it’s presented with an attitude of “That’s what you get, motherfucker!”

        I mean, cheating on your spouse is wrong (if he was cheating, I’m not in their business, maybe Chris Hansen and his wife have an open marriage?), but it’s a jerkish level of wrongness on a whole different level than RAPING A CHILD FFS.

  3. I just did a spitake reading that Oprah would be ron swansons first wife.

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  5. Huh?? Stephen Patrick Van LaBoeuf is under arrest for being very nice and charming? Too much news!

  6. Morning talk radio was running some sort of poll today on whether people were on Rollins’ “side” or Schmidt’s “side”.


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