This Lindsay Lohan tweet is a couple of days old, actually, and I have no idea why more people aren’t talking about it because it’s AMAZING:

Hahahhaha. UHHHHHHHH. Powerful stuff. Good tweet. Of course, this is a sponsored tweet, but it’s not like that doesn’t raise a whole mess of other questions, like, you know, WHO WOULD SPONSOR THIS and TO ACHIEVE WHAT GOAL? So that the 14-year-old girls who follow Lindsay Lohan on Twitter will know about your company’s corporate restructuring programs? Just kidding! I don’t think 14-year-old girls even know who Lindsay Lohan is. The last time she made a successful movie, they were not even born yet. DING DONG! CLASSIC LINDSAY LOHAN BURNNNN! This generation of teenagers just love following the adventures of sloppy, out-of-work alcoholics under house arrest. Their walls are plastered with Teen Beat posters of Val Kilmer and Nick Nolte. Oh, and Alan Greenspan of course. No doy. (Via BusinessInsider. Thanks for the tip, DS3M.)

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  1. Frankie Muniz’s cabinet is shaping up nicely, indeed!

  2. As Lindsey Lohan wonders, “Why would cops print money? Oh well…”

  3. Lindsay Lohan thinks Quantitative Easing is a designer who keeps sending her free clothes.

  4. As long as it still can be rolled into a tube, I think Lindsay will find some worth in paper money.

  5. Lindsay Lohan 2: Money’s Gonna Fuck #Hilarious #Winner

    I Know Who Killed Me: The National Debt! #Hilarious #Winner

  6. “Celebrities, they’re just like us!” – Paul Krugman

  7. first she jumped on the lipstick lesbian bandwagon, now it’s the stupid person libertarian bandwagon.

  8. Someone paid her to tweet that? Can I have that job? I tweet stupid shit all the time!

  9. “Adjusting for hyperinflation, we sure got our money’s worth with that Lindsay Lohan ad.”

  10. Putting commercials in your feed is probably not the best way sustain a popular twitter account. Looking at you, @michaelianblack.

  11. Lindsay Lohan is so dumb, she thinks Aggregate Demand is only for Cement companies.
    I’ll call the doctor to repair your split sides.
    #economistjokes #Cementjokes

  12. Of course, by “food and gas” she means “cocaine and purple drank”.

  13. Lindsay Lohan once went up to Milton Freedman (RIP) and said “I loved your work in Driving Miss Daisy”.

  14. Sounds to me like the greenlight for Nouriel Roubini to star in the remake of The Parent Trap….

  15. And when asked about David Ricardo (Of the influential Essay on the Influence of a Low Price of Corn on the Profits of Stock) she said “Was that Ricky’s brother?” – a joke that would have played better in the 1950s.

  16. Lindsay Lohan is the definition of Moral Hazard

  17. I have all these Whip Inflation Now jokes I wanna make that *I* barely even understand!

  18. Haha, she’s addicted to drugs and alcohol lol.

  19. Lindsay Lohan’s lips are evidence of Schumpeters creative destruction.

  20. When asked about marginal utility Lindsay Lohan said “Cant we talk about butter utility?”

  21. After hearing Kaynes being discussed Lindsay Lohan asked “Which one sugar or candy”?

  22. We need the invisible hand to slap some sense into her.

  23. Proactively, all expenses towards reviving her career are now sunk costs because they cant be recovered.

  24. Econ 101 profs use Lindsay Lohan’s boxoffice history as evidence of the law of diminishing returns.

  25. I feel genuinely bad for Lindsay Lohan, because she is clearly very fucked up and her parents have definitely done some damage and once you’re in a tailspin like hers (where even at the bottom she is finding a deeper bottom (TWSS?)), it is probably very very difficult to pull out unless you die (cc: Charlie Sheen).

    It’s weird to me that she has twitter followers at all though. The last good movie she was in was Mean Girls, but that wasn’t because of her own talent. She has been in headlines almost exclusively for bad decisions since Georgia Rule. Remember that letter the producer sent out? Yes, Paris Hilton was famous for being famous (????), but at least she had The Simple Life.

    The real meat of what I’m trying to get at is that she’s also so consistently an asshole about it. She doesn’t think she has a problem and says she is ok and then gets like a DUI the next day or breaks her house arrest or whatever, and never seems to consider the real life consequences of her actions, even while IN those consequences. All of that is very sad.

  26. No Lindsay, you demanding cocaine and your mother supplying it is not the free market in action.

  27. if you think food and gas are expensive, try buying a pair of prada heels and an eight-ball these days!

  28. Fun fact: being a drug addict does not prevent you from being Taken Seriously as a financial talkin’ guy. See:


    I tide fashion Good-looking, not expensive Free transport

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