You know what is weird? Meeting people who don’t spend every waking second on the Internet is weird. Like, your family, probably. Or the waitstaff at a diner. (Those are the two types of people that you meet. Relatives and diner waitstaffs.) The things that seem to have so much importance in our daily lives suddenly become utterly and completely meaningless. You will be ordering your eggs or whatever and you’ll go “I step away from the mic to breathe in, wheat toast please,” and they don’t even get it. At the reunion you will be like, “Double family all the way so intense,” and your mom will make you go to your room. Because there is actually a whole world out there where people don’t even know about this stuff if you can believe it. They place value in other things, like, face-to-face interaction, car insurance premiums, pitchers of sun tea, and hygiene. I don’t know, it’s just interesting how an entire world can be instantly devalued and forgotten.


I’m just glad to be with people who understand how important this is. BFF4EVER CHECK YOUR FRIENDSTER PM’S. (Via HaveYouSeenThis?)

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  1. I’m not angry, Internet. I’m just disappointed it took this long.

    I’m just disappointed.

  2. A facebook “friend” of “mine” recently posted the double rainbow video on his “feed” with a caption along the lines of, ‘this is the funniest thing i’ve ever seen etc.’ I thought (inwardlly), “OMG what a freak, this is the first time he’s seen this, LOL”. But then i zoomed out a bit and thought, maybe i’m the freak. But then i zoomed back in and realized [italicize this] he [/italicize this] was the freak. #Beststoryever?

    Also, the videogum promise of kathie lee gifford dancing animated gifs has been inoperative as of late; i would like to see that changed, but fully understand if it doesn’t.

    • Obviously, it’s not important to spend all day on the internet. One can do just fine without ever knowing what a lolcat is, and may even have one up on the rest of us. HOWEVER!

      These things always remind me of my dad. Way back in the mid 90′s, when Friends was the biggest show on TV several years running, he had no idea what it was. I mean that every Thursday, for months, the show would come on and every single week he would inquire as to what we were watching. Somehow, he managed to repeatedly watch the biggest show in primetime without ever knowing it existed. #Beststoryever!

      • The Old Man and the Sea #Beststoryever

      • My dad’s favourite shows include Bounty the Dog Hunter, The Cake Guy, Everybody’s Raymond, and So You Think You Can Sing The Words.

        He also loves The Wire, especially that one character, whatshisname, Bump. Bump Morgan.

        Your dad and my dad should be friends is what I’m saying.


        • The only show my dad (a 65 year old college professor/musician/poet/cowboy) watches on a regular basis is South Park. He watched one season of American Idol (because he loved Melinda Doolittle), and occasionally on Thursdays he will ask me what time 30 Rock is on so he can watch it, but South Park is the only show he has ever truly loved. As a bonus, he only discovered it last year.
          Dads are awesome, basically, is what I am trying to say.

    • I like your use of italics. It really made the story hit home. *tears*

  3. I see the Mumbai 2020 Summer Games Opening Ceremony is coming together nicely

  4. This reminds me I never finished The Satanic Verses. I think maybe the protagonists (former B’wood stars) were going to resolve their difficulties with an epic showdown.

  5. Now all we need is this remixed with the Guile’s Theme and the circle of (no)life is complete….or something like that.

  6. Relatives and diner waitstaffs? Relatives and diner waitstavs.

    Much better.

  7. God bless us, everyone.

  8. Bollywood Mashup Y U NO FEATURE POPTART CAT?!?!

    Follow up question: Y U NO 3 HOURS LONG?!?!


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