Disney is going to make a movie about the Matterhorn ride and it’s going to be written by Spread screenwriter Jason Dean Hall. “Perfect.” This is of course in addition to Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming The Haunted Mansion and Jon Favreau’s upcoming Magic Kingdom features, which are all not jokes even though they sound EXACTLY like jokes.

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  1. Prank Alert!!!!

  2. This would only be awesome if they did an Adaptation-style movie around Jason Dean Hall writing this screenplay.

  3. Cop Number 1: “Here’s the situation. That trolley, full of half the city’s orphans, is going 100 miles per hour! The brakes are failing, the gas pedal is stuck and it is approaching the steepest hill in the city and at the bottom of the hill is the annual Orchard festival, attended by the other half of the city’s orphans.”

    Cop Number 2: “There’s only one person who can stop that trolley’s wild ride. GET ME MR. TOAD!”

  4. Didn’t they already make this movie and it propelled Vinny Chase to stardom?

  5. Well, I’m ready for the film adaptations of rides that were adapted from films…. “Dumbo: The Ride: The Movie!”

  6. I can’t wait for the big-screen version of Paying a Small Fortune for a Crappy Hamburger.

  7. James Franco IS Mr. Toad. Cillian Murphy IS Mr. Mole. This summer, things are gonna get WIIIIILD! Buckle up for…Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

    • Oh yikes, I would actually watch that for the following reasons:
      -I like to look at both James Franco and Cillian Murphy
      -I imagine there would be a subtle homoerotic subtext (or I would pretend there was)
      -I get high, so I watch a lot of stupid things

  8. That’s ridiculous! A movie based on an amusement park ride?! Thats… that’s just absurd! I mean, how can that even make a movie? That’s as silly as, as, as making a movie out of a board game, amirite?

  9. And by the time all of these movies come out we’ll be more than ready for a ‘Smurfs’ reboot. Yay!

  10. When the hell are they going to make a movie out of that spinning teacups ride?

    • I mean, I could never ride it, because I was afraid of getting sick from all the spinning, so it’s definitely a ride I’d be willing to experience vicariously.

      Also: Space Mountain.

  11. Didn’t they already make this movie?

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