“Mom, dad, WE’RE ENGAGED!” – You

(Via TodayShowTumblr.)

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  1. Why does The Today Show have a tumblr?
    Just forget I asked.

  2. He makes that face when he’s kissing me, it’s weird but I still love him okay

  3. Wow, Cee-Lo is looking terrible.

  4. Jeez, is Snooki on the Today Show every day?

  5. Oh, look! He’s got a lap (band) dog!

  6. My boyfriend is hot since he got his gut stapled.

  7. How is it that all my boyfriends could be this great? I don’t know. Just lucky, I guess.

  8. It’s tough being Al’s girlfriend. His aim is always just a little left of where you want it.

  9. My boyfriend should become a real estate broker, because his ads would be the best.

  10. Guess who’s coming to dinner!

  11. Ya burnt, Max.

  12. Roker: If Kelly Ripa isn’t on the other end of it, I’m not eating this thing.

  13. What’s wrong his face? It looks…Roken.


  14. What a goof! If he keeps this up, we’re going to have to start calling him Al Joker again around these parts!

    Never forget Al Joker (2008-2010)

  15. Where’d he get that hand-held Lindsay Lohan? They make those now?

  16. Birdie checked out the latest competition in the cutest dog stakes and went “FFFFFFUUUUU…”

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