• Robert Pattinson with pie on his face. “Oh, to be that pie.” – You. -Just Jared
  • Michael Bay and I like the same Wes Anderson movie. We have soooo much in common. I bet if we could just meet each other we’d fall in love right away. -Film Drunk
  • Megan Mullally talks about Parks & RecChildren’s Hospital, and the Party Down movie that we will now be talking about until the end of time. -Splitsider
  • The Party Down movie may be shooting next spring. UGH, SEE? -Movieline
  • Top Chef Season Nine might be filming AS WE SPEAK. Let’s all go look for it! You go first! -Eater
  • See if it’s cool with your parents and then come back and check out the full list of nominees for your favorite awards show! -Celebuzz
  • Jon Favreau talks with Harrison Ford about Cowboys and Aliens. -HuffPo
  • Why celebrities should never stop saying the dumbest things. -Vulture
  • “B3tan Swede Mason masterfully remixes a snippet of MasterChef into a song of Synesthesia” is the description for this video and I understand very few of those words in that context. So here is some kind of a MasterChef remix that is kinda funny and kinda neat! -The Daily What
  • Comedy Central is getting two new sketch series, once of which is Nick Kroll’s. Yaayy Nick Kroll! -CC Insider
  • Guess which actor took steroids while filming Major League? Blind item. Just kidding not blind item. It’s Charlie Sheen. Charliesheengum.com. -The Superficial
  • Watch the Captain America trailer WITH commentary from the screenwriters. For the supernerds. -UGO
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  1. I thought you hated sketch comedy Kelly

    • Well, I meant that I hated watching it in person. Somehow watching it on TV makes it a lot better. I don’t know, I can’t explain the way life works!

  2. I think they got confused. Michael Bay actually just likes bottle rockets. And also Shia Labeouf.

  3. Here’s a tip, Hollywood: Whenever a great TV show gets canceled far too soon, don’t ever mention the movie. Release constant tips about shows-turned-movies that no one would ever want. Coming next spring, 16 And Pregnant with 2 Sets of Octuplets: The Movie; Defying Gravity The Movie starring Ron Livingston; and Keeping Up With the Filmdashians.

    Then when an actually good show movie comes out, we are all surprised and happy and open minded about unexpected plot decisions that the writers made in order to make it better for the big screen, and not angry and fed up and basically living breathing Internet trolls, like everyone is now with Arrested Development and definitely will be with Party Down.

    • See also Veronica Mars.

      • When HBO first announced in 2007 that it was going to start producing “Game of Thrones,” George RR Martin fans and, really, fantasy fiction fans in general literally started shitting their pants right then and there, and literally still have not stopped shitting their pants ever since, literally. But they followed through with it! Because it’s adapted from a book. Book fans have it good. They get adapted all the time. I’m not sure where I was going with this. As consolation for reading this far, here’s this:


  4. Can I say something controversial? I’m not really interested in a Party Down movie. The show ended on the perfect note, and more importantly, the heart of the show is entirely on the characters hanging out together. A movie structure just doesn’t sound strong enough without adding a lot of less than funny gags and ridiculous plot devices.

    But that’s just me. You want your Party Down movie? Watch Steve Guttenberg’s Birthday 4 times in a row. You’ll be delighted!

  5. New Charlie Sheen news: Charlie Sheen believes Major League was real and he was a starting pitcher for the Cleveland Indians in 1989. “My fastball went from 79 (miles-per-hour) to like 85.” – Actual quote.

  6. B3tans come from b3ta. I advise that you browse through their photoshop challenge archives for the next seven hours. They’ve been producing funny (and very British) stuff for many, many years.

  7. Ugh, Michael Bay seems like a pretentious douche. Not surprising.

  8. Ahhh!! The Robert Pattinson cross-stitch pattern! I had this on my fridge for a while. You know – ironically. Because I haven’t read all of the Twilight books and seen all of the movies or anything.

  9. M3gan Kroll got alien steroids in her Chef’s Pie? Whatttt????

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