Just days after his first real big boy concert, Chet Haze is dropping (am I doing this right, Chet? “Dropping your joint,” right? Explosion sound effect?) his first official music video for his song “Another Chance.” Actually, it’s pretty clear that the video was recorded AT his first real big boy concert. Awww! It’s kind of like when they videotaped my haftarah portion the day before my actual bar mitzvah because you couldn’t actually have videocameras in the synagogue during the actual service because God would be mad. Or sad? God would definitely be something. To make it even more like a bar mitzvah, Chet Haze seems to have given the audience that tried-and-true bar/bat mitzvah party staple: the glow necklace. SWAG. You the man now, dog, Chet Haze! Get it? Holy rites of passage? Hello? You in there, McFlyenstein?! (Via @CHETHAZE.)

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  1. Boy Story

  2. Dear Chester Hanks/Chet Haze,
    Your dad is Tom Hanks and you probably are financially set, you do not need to make terrible R&B/Rap to get laid

  3. That actually sounds like a nice summer boy band song. I’d play that in my car. What? C’mon son!

  4. This was Tom Hanks reaction to seeing his son’s new video:

  5. I don’t think he needs to rap. He can just sort of stand there and I can feel just the same amount of sorry for him for not measuring up to his dad. You had me at “I wanna be a rapper.” So you have my sympathy, now please stop with the rapping.

  6. Needs more backup dancers.

  7. I enjoy the tag “music related content”. It’s like, “well, I guess this is kind of related to music, maybe? Close enough, call it a day. Where are the martinis!”

    (my impression of Videogum Central may not be accurate)

    • Gabe and Kelly are way too professional to drink martinis on the job, plus if they did that Birdie would accidentally drink a martini and martinis are bad for dogs, source Snopes

  8. and in the audience a black guy clutches a magic amulet and screams “give me back my body you damn body thief! stop using it for raps!”

  9. That wasn’t rapping! It was vomiting with style!

  10. Every time I listen to this (which is every day because I like getting hazed before I start my day) it sounds like he’s saying, “I know it’s Mama’s day.” And I just think Chet Haze is a weird son.

  11. Is there a Videogum “Chet Haze Promise” I don’t know about?

  12. Surely the DJ’s rig shown at the start is far too complex a set-up to be playing that backing track. (I know nothing about DJing, but he fiddles with one thingy and that’s it.)

  13. This video is officially Dream Guy approved.

  14. Yo yo, Chet Haze on some Larry Crowne shit, nah mean?

  15. “You know who wears sunglasses inside? Blind people and assholes”
    -Larry David

  16. In the grand scheme of things Chet Haze is incredibly harmless, and yet I just want to punch him so badly! Just punch him right in the gut. And then I kind of want to punch Tom Hanks too, just for enabling him. And for making Larry Crowne! Why does something so insipid fill me with so much rage? PUNCH.

  17. You’ve got stale.

  18. I’m surprised he’s still lip-syncing this far into his career.

  19. Friend ‘o Chet: “Chet, great idea for your music video, GREAT IDEA!”
    Chet(zters): “Oh yeah Dawg? Hit-me-wit-it.”
    FoC: “Check it, or Chet it, if you will.”
    Chet: “I can Chet wit it, Ch-Chet wit it!”
    FoC:” Dope bro, so dope. But nah, for your music video, I say we get a couple of cameras at your next concert and film you doen “Another Chance” – wouldn’t that be dope?! Just you singing to those Internet peoplez!”
    Chet: “Yeah…. Yeah…. I’m feelen’ that, can we have confetti?”
    *Chet’s super friend dials Chet’s Hazegent (agent for Hazes)*

    The End. Cool Song. Will watch again.

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