• Apparently Michael Jackson never actually sang to Lisa on The Simpsons? Did everyone else know this? Uggh, world! -BuzzFeed
  • Jared Padalecki hints at possible Gilmore Girls movie!!! Which is a lie, kind of!! Basically he just says he’d be into it if the idea were ever proposed to him!! Let’s get excited anyway!!! -Zap 2 It
  • Would you like to watch the Boardwalk Empire season two teaser trailer? You can if you’d like!  -Warming Glow
  • Would you like to see a bonus scene from the film we saw together as a family, Super 8? Wellllll. -Celebuzz
  • This split screen movie is nice. -Laughing Squid
  • Things may or may not be moving pretty fast for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. -The Superficial
  • Shia LeBeouf doesn’t seem like his character in Even Stevens at all! -Dlisted
  • Check out some pictures from global Smurfs day. Oh, you were there? You don’t need to see any more pictures because you already took TONS of pictures while you were there? Well fine, that’s fine, this is for the people who didn’t go. -Film Drunk
  • Michele Bachmann keeps making everyone embarrassed and uncomfortable by continuing to say things that are just plain very incorrect. -The Daily What
  • Salon article on Tracy Morgan, Go the Fuck to Sleep, and the subjective nature of comedy. What do YOU think about this article discussing those things? -Salon
  • 5 Tips for breaking big in horror from The Innkeepers director Ti West. -Movieline
  • Ryan Gosling shirtless in new Crazy Stupid Love posters, laddiiesss and felllaaass! -Just Jared
  • A man sat on top of a pole and rapped in Times Square today. Let’s watch that happen. -BWE
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  1. Can someone photoshop my face over Emma Stone’s?

  2. “Apparently Michael Jackson never actually sang to Lisa on The Simpsons? Did everyone else know this?”

    Yeah, it was right in the episode, dummy. He was a mental patient the whole time.

    • On the plus side, Michael Jackson DID write and produce the song “Do the Bartman” in 1990. So there’s that?

    • Another fabulous example of a possibly incorrect but definitely uncomfortable use of the term “literally”:

      “[Yeardley] Smith was outside the Red O restaurant in L.A. this weekend, when she explained, ‘[Michael] was not allowed to sing on the show, so he literally hand-picked a guy to sing like him.’” -TMZ

  3. Boardwalk Empire, come back! We miss you! We (I) kind of forget what’s going on.

  4. On behalf of Minnesota, sorry about Michele Bachmann, rest of the world. We tried to keep her contained in the state lines, but Martin fell asleep on crazy duty. Thanks, Martin. Thanks for being terrible.

  5. The Gilmore Girls movie is my generation’s Arrested Development movie.

  6. ‘Being shocking is fine; taking lazy jabs at the already put-upon is to bomb unforgivably.’ Glad to know that for all I wrote about the Tracy Morgan issue it could have been summed up in one neat, effective sentence. Thank you Salon! I enjoy you despite your recent barrage of insipid ‘Wienergate’ (or whatever the fuck) coverage along with your somewhat more recent barrage of ‘Is the media covering Wienergate too much?’ coverage.

    I wouldn’t kick Shia out of bed but that’s probably because he’d beat the shit out of me and kick me out himself. I’ve heard he’s more than a bit of a homophobe.

  7. As someone whose name is Lisa and who just had a birthday I am super bummed to discover it wasn’t actually MJ singing to me via emailed youtube links all weekend. :(

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