During the Ultimate Party Down Marathon going on in Austin, Party Down creator Rob Thomas talked about how a Party Down movie would possibly start, if they ever decided to make a Party Down movie. And I think we can all agree that almost news is the MOST exciting kind of news.

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  1. Do you think the Ultimate Party Down Marathon was a catered affair?


  3. Guys, Rob Thomas is a movie tease. I’m still waiting to see Veronica Mars on the big screen, and he told me he wanted to make a movie of that years ago! I’m just saying – don’t spend your life savings on Fandango stock JUST YET. I recommend a “hold” for now.

    • i was there and he talked about the veronica mars movie too, saying he didn’t have any backing, but if someone said they wanted to make it, he would do it in the heartbeat. he said the party down movie is very far down the line into being a reality. it was the best!

      • Well, he’s got a lot on his plate with the constant Santana collabos.

      • I am happy to give him some backing. I am not a rich lady, but I can like make sandwiches for the crew or something. Because VMars cannot end with her dating Piz.
        But thanks for the pro-tip, thatjusthappened! I will keep my fingers very crossed for both projects.

  4. As long as Steve Gutenberg is maybe going to be involved somehow, I’m maybe in.

  5. Why wasn’t I invited to this? It’s a conspiracy!

  6. Man, I thought this was really going to happen and I had my hopes up.

    It’s like Ayn Rand, you know?

  7. Going out on a limb: I’d watch it, but it’s not needed. The last episode of Season 2 works as a really nice finale.

    • Yeah, can I just add…I feel like, I want to see them some more, but I’m so scared it could spoil this perfect two seasons. The last episode is the most sad, wonderful, bittersweet thing.

  8. Please let this be true! Soup ‘N Crackers!

  9. I would absolutely love this. It’d be extremely low budget, I imagine.

  10. Beloved cancelled tv shows with movie rumors is our generations Tupac is alive stories.


  12. “Well now is probably the best time to announce that there may or may not be a complete ‘Party Down’ reunion on this season of ‘Childrens Hospital,’ as their ‘Party Down’ characters. I don’t want to give it all away, but enjoy.”

    Rob Corddry talks ‘Childrens Hospital.’

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