Oh, great! Today is neat stuff flying through the air day apparently. When I woke up I had NO idea that it was that day, but it’s a very nice surprise. Did you get that the title was supposed to be like “this machine kill fascists”? It’s a very loose allusion, I understand if you didn’t get it. I would like to have one of these machines for barbecues this summer. I would spell out all of my friends names and then the things I wanted on my burger. (Pineapple, guacamole, cheese, fried egg.) Also:

Haha, yes, exactly correct. (Via Reddit.)

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  1. Sorry, all you get on your burger is foam.

  2. Copy and paste, friend.


  3. I have a feeling the last video today is going to be of Kelly floating away.

  4. How is this video not from Japan?

  5. This Machine Floats

    RIP Harley

  6. I want to give that Youtube commenter all the upvotes.

  7. That burger sounds like a delicious mess.

  8. I want that machine.

  9. This is kind of awesome, but it also fills me with a vague dread and I don’t know why. I just got very anxious looking at that foam inflate, get chopped, and float away. Just seems kind of ominous somehow.

  10. Omg, related video: Kirby Clouds!!!

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