Yeah, ok, WE GET IT. Pixar could possibly be working on, or in the process of thinking about working on, a possible fourth Toy Story movie. Enough with the certitudes! The world likes a little confusion mainly over whether they’re supposed to be confused or in suspense or what, what is going on mystery now and then.

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  1. Anything to avoid talking about Chet.

    • “Chet was such a cute little kid. He loved his toys. If he were here right now, I bet he would rap up a great toy story for you. Whoops! Honest, that one just snuck in there on its own.”

      • Oh, hi Chet. What’s that? You made a rap? For my birthday? Oh that’s great… But uhhhh… I have to work on this movie really, really much right now. What’s it called? Uhhh. Toy Story 5… 4. Yeah. What’s that? Sure, you can make a rap about it. Sure. Talk to you later, son. Yeah, you keep it real too. *click*

  2. You rang?

    • No, no we didn’t. I can’t imagine this guy getting any play, ever. But I did have a dream where Andy Samberg dropped a neg on me in a bar, and it totally worked. I don’t know what that means.

  3. They’re for sure going to call it Toy Foury, right?

  4. They’re not discussing Toy Story 4. They’re discussing the appropriate manner in which to apologize to me and reimburse the $19 I spent to see Cars 2 on IMAX.

    • Actually, they’re quite pleased. The fact that you spent $19 to see Cars 2 is probably the funniest thing to ever come from Larry The Cable Guy.

  5. if there’re no toys planking in TS4 I will be disappoint

  6. Toy Story 4: this time the toys watch kids play Call of Duty for 8 hours straight!

  7. Dear Pixar,


  8. I give it my highest Pixar rating yet:

    1 Quivering Lip holding back emotions
    2 Balling Baby Fits
    4 Smiling through a river of tears

  9. As soon as they figure out which character(s) will say the line, “AWKWARD!” they will go into production.

  10. Stop being such a Dreamworks, Pixar.

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