Neat effects! Very special. Clearly, Martin Gamal is Steven Spielberg’s son. Clearly, he is the CHET HAZE of the Spielberg family. (Thanks for the tip, Sachar.)

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  1. Special Edffects

  2. “Whoa.” -a young Martin Gamal at the midnight sceening of “Birdemic”

  3. I want to ask him where he gets his ideas, but I ‘m highly suspicious his answer will be “Colorforms.”

  4. My favorite part is where the airplane comes closer and closer, yet it becomes smaller and smaller. Then lasers.

  5. This is pretty shitty for a “special effects” reel, but it doesn’t seem so bad if you just think of it as an “effects” reel.

  6. I’m glad each special effect is dated, so we can watch him progress from a horrible special effects artist and then blossom into a horrible special effects artist.

  7. This is pretty long, but I can already tell there’s a lot to be savored here. It’s like Tree of Life!

  8. I don’t know, I’m pretty sure he lifted a bunch of those effects from Goldeneye 64.

  9. Be fair guys – this was back in 2009.

  10. I don’t care if you can have a conversation with yourself. It’s a huge miss if you can’t do the Parent Trap secret handshake.

  11. AMAZING!!! – 9 year old boy watching this in 1985.

  12. Whoa, someone’s got a bright future at SyFy!

    I really expected to only watch maybe 2 minutes of this, but I watched all 11 because it was so entertaining. That’s pretty remarkable considering my usual attention span for youtube videos.

  13. I like how the opposite of “A NORMAL BORING DAY” is apparently “LIGHTNING AND A FIRE-BREATHING T-REX CRUSHING YOUR CARS BY THE MUSEUM.” Middle ground is for losers!

  14. “Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.” -Abed

  15. Industrial LOL and Magic

  16. The only thing I can say is GREAT JOB, but not honestly, more like in a “referencing Tim & Eric” sorta way.

  17. Haha. 2:57 – 3:06. My eyes are bored, but my ears are ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT.

  18. I had a great time watching this video. Around the beginning I was like “Oh, well we all need to start somewhere!” So, I skipped forward halfway into the video to where it was dated a year and a half later. It started out as some beach footage and then, hilariously, the VERY SAME UFO popped out of somewhere around the bottom of the frame and shot the VERY SAME LASER at a .jpg car.
    It seems like for his 2-3 years of special effects, he literally hasn’t improved. He’s only changed the backdrop for his tiny animations. I love this guy. I want to meet him and ask him about his special effects.

    • Also, how everything went so slow! The music! I spent my time with this video not laughing at parts, but just softly and steadily chuckling.

  19. The best part is apparently the only way to make a “boring old day” better is to have a t-rex levitating slightly above the street shooting fireballs and causing explosions everywhere.

    I mean, that is pretty awesome.

  20. My special effects reel needs more dinosaurs blowing holes in things.

  21. Is that a spear in your chest or are you happy to see me?

    Oh, no, wait. Just a boner.

  22. Never before was I told to enjoy something in such an evil manner.

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