Remember all of your favorite parts of 2010 (Black Swan, The Social Network)? And remember your least favorite part (Catfish)? Mix them together in your mind right now. Ooook, ready? Black Swan writer Mark Heyman is currently shopping (industry talk) a Darren Aronofsky-produced social network stalker movie titled XOXO. And it seems like the thing you just imagined. Exciting! Maybe!

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  1. This is our generation’s “Swimfan.”

  2. A movie about the dangers of Internet friends sounds like a prime Videogum Move Club entry for us to all go see together like a family.

  3. A Facebook Stalker film, huh? This movie totally wont be relatable to anyone.

  4. “You’d better accept Mary’s friend request or she’ll poke you… WITH A KNIFE!

    Natalie Portman. Michael Cera. Christopher Plummer. And introducing Willow Smith in

    Mark Heyman’s XOXO

    Get Ready to Change Your Status Update to DEAD!”

    • Okay, I’m pretty sure I’m going to start saying “Get ready to change your status update to DEAD!” as if it were an actual catchphrase now (in dramatic movie trailer voice of course). So thank you for that, Frank Lloyd Wrong.

  5. Hypothetical Venn Diagrams are Hollywood’s idea of original material.

  6. Paramount are reportedly interested in XOXO, but one caveat is changing title to LOLOL.

  7. I don’t know it could be cool. Maybe they could make it a fake mockumentary–you know, maybe something about some cool dudes who are all professional hangliders and live together in a huge Soho flat, where they eat pizza and drink beer all day. It’s real actors portraying themselves how they would act if it were real life, but the pepperoni is fake.

  8. I just checked IMDB and found the tagline. “XOXO: Masturbating ballerinas was only the start.”


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