• Game of Thrones screen caps with Arrested Development captions. -Arrested Westeros
  • Larry David wrote the Shouts & Murmurs piece in the New Yorker this week! -New Yorker
  • There will probably be a Green Lantern sequel, which doesn’t make a lot of sense and you aren’t happy about it, but come on, who cares, it’s either that or something else bad, it might as well be that, let’s go have a lemonade it’s nice outside. -Film Drunk
  • Celebrity Twitter reactions to New York legalizing gay marriage. Yaaay!! This was my reaction: “WHAT? WAIT, WHAT?” because I was in a loud place. -Uproxx
  • An interview with Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan about the upcoming season. So sooooon! -Screen Junkies
  • Watch Johnny Depp play music with Alice Cooper! I didn’t even know Alice Cooper still played music! -Celebuzz
  • These guys went to different restaurants from TV and then reviewed them, which is basically my dream. -The Awl
  • Charlie Sheen has lost his last goddess, which means there’s more room for us, ladies. Sign all of us up. #videogumladymonsters4charliesheengoddesses -The Superficial
  • Who could keep their cool when they’re talking about a fart at their job? Right? -The Daily What
  • Create a USA show in six easy steps. It seems very easy, I can’t wait to be rich. -Vulture
  • Dunkin’ Donuts Captain America promo art? -Movieline
  • Look at how pretty Mila Kunis is. Also she talks about some stuff about the movie she’s in but mostly just look at her! -Just Jared
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  1. Ooh! I have an afternoon link: http://avc.lu/jJN8Cq
    The Alamo Drafthouse Ritz hosted a “Party Down” marathon on Sunday and it was AMAZING and they’re seriously talking about making a movie. Yay Party Down! Yay Nick Offerman mooning the audience! Yay Ken Marino high-fiving crowds and very nearly showing us all his penis!

  2. Don’t worry Kelly. I didn’t even know Alice Cooper was still alive.

  3. I have a question. Is Gabe not doing True Blood recaps this season?

  4. Yeah Arrested Westeros, you nice, Ima let you fini- #GUNSHOT


  5. Can I just say how much I love you Kelly? Is this an appropriate space in which to do so? You are so adorable, even when you hate stuff it’s adorable. And I don’t mean it in a “cute as an insult” way like Helen in Bridesmaids. I think as a girl I’m not required to say “no homo” but I’ll throw it in just to cover my bases.

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