No one is crying, right? We’re all just, as a group, not crying and just acting totally normal and not even WANTING to cry about anything in particular. We’re all just thinking about how we’re grateful that this video didn’t end up like “The Gift.” That’s pretty much all that’s on our mind right now. Just that nightmare-inducing song and how we’re all upset that we have to think about it whenever someone tries to put a living thing in a box as if it’s a non-living gift. That’s it, though. Nothing about this video, or the kids in this video, or the girl in particular. Stop looking at us for a minute. (Via VVV.)

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  1. Way to make me cry, Videogum.

  2. It’s good that DADT was repealed, so that guy can finally come out.

  3. What a weird looking grill.

  4. Oh man. Has anyone seen ads for that show “Surprise Homecoming”? It’s basically this every episode. I was a puddly mess after 30 seconds of promo. I don’t think America’s tear ducts can handle a full hour every week.

  5. Can we get a NSFW – Crying tag next time? Because I am now fighting back tears at my desk.

  6. What was fucked up was when the boy, under his breath, asked his mom if she kept the gift receipt.

  7. I’m not crying. It’s just been raining on my face

  8. Now those kids will never understand the value of putting holes in the box when you put live animals in it.

  9. Maybe it’s my fragile emotional state after watching that video, but I suddenly have the urge to get my taxes done at H&R Block.

  10. My brother came home from Gulf War 1 (that’s what it is now right?) in a similar, surprise fashion but I was certainly not 8 and assuredly not crying and *MOST DEFINITELY* am not crying now at the memory.

  11. I am conflicted, because part of me was hoping it was Gwyneth Paltrow’s head in the box.

    Disclaimer: I do not condone decapitation.

  12. 2 things: 1) The Bite Me shirt just really put it all together — a surprise LOL in the midst of something very touching. 2) All I want now is a video of two toddlers unwrapping a gift only to find a very grumpy Lou Reed inside.

  13. Can someone explain why this is tagged under The Velvet Underground?

  14. dad: “honey, i want to surprise the kids by coming home in a box”

    mom: “…..what?”

  15. This is clearly a phenomenally sweet video. Is it wrong that my eyes kept traveling to his crazy shark T-shirt though? I mean of course I was swept up by the reunion element (the key element of this video!) but then my gaze would go back to the shark shirt. Are we certain this isn’t part of a viral campaign for novelty shark shirts? RRGH, VIRAL CAMPAIGNS, YOU GOT ME AGAIN!

  16. Wait, this can’t be a heartwarming soldier homecoming video. There’s no Budweiser involved.

  17. Is my soul dead? I didn’t even get close to crying. It may be because I’m simultaneously watching the pilot for 21 Jump Street. Hard to take anything seriously right now.

  18. “Wait…does this mean no grill?”
    -disappointed son

  19. enough dillydallying True Blood recap time please

  20. “Just pick it up!”

    Shut up you damn party pooper…let the kids open it.

  21. How dare this video, which is clearly just viral marketing for grills, emotionally manipulate my eyes into water fountains.

  22. Eyes to the back of the room!

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